Information and measures concerning coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Corona

The summer semester began digitally on 20 April: teaching, examinations and all research and transfer activities will take place exclusively online until further notice; libraries are still closed - there will be no classroom lending, online or interlibrary lending is (still) possible.

Anyone who returns or arrives to campus from a risk area, is requested to contact us at: arbeitssicherheit(at) Should symptoms of illness occur, please immediately contact the public health department at 0049 3941 59 70 55 55 (daily between 8am - 8pm).

Cabinet decides on quarantine measures for arriving and returning travellers

In order to contain the spread of Covid19 in Saxony-Anhalt, the government has adopted an ordinance on quarantine measures for incoming and outgoing travellers.

The regulation obligates persons who enter Saxony-Anhalt by land, sea or air from a state outside the Federal Republic of Germany  from a risk area to go directly to their own home or other suitable accommodation immediately after entry and to remain quarantined there for a period of 14 days after entry. This also applies to persons who enter Saxony-Anhalt via another German state from abroad. During this period, the visitation of persons who do not live within the immediate household are prohibited. Violations of the regulation can be punished with a fine of up to 25,000 euros.

This means, that should you decide to come to Germany from a risk area, you will have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival.

Please check here and here for all risk areas within Europe and worldwide.

We request you to stay home as long as we are not able to have regular classes on campus, as we are only offering online-courses at present. Students who travel to the university from abroad are requested to register via mail to: arbeitssicherheit(at)


Update from 08.04. (Senate resolution)

Change of the semester schedule for the summer semester 2020:

1. Courses begin on 20.04.2020 – online.

2. Regular courses will continue in the week after Whitsun, probably online. There will be no project and excursion week in summer semester 2020.

3. Two weeks of the regular examination period will be used for lectures.

4. The subsequent shortened examination period (two weeks) will be extended by an additional week (a total of three weeks examination time).

Lecture period: 20.04. - 10.07.      Examination period: 13.07. - 31.07.

Regulations regarding final examinations:

1. Written examinations during the examination period can be reduced by up to 50% if the corresponding competences are examined during the semester, e.g. by online tests using the  ILIAS learning platform. The examiners should make use of this option wherever possible.

2. Student registration for the examination will be postponed by two weeks, i.e. to the period 08.06.-21.06.2020.

3. A withdrawal from examinations is possible retroactively and even after participation in an examination this semester. Medical and official medical certificates are not required for examination withdrawals. For all grades for exams in the summer semester 2020, students have the option to withdraw the grade through the Admission and Registrar's Office until 30.11.2020. Furthermore, all examinations with the grade "insufficient" from the summer semester 2020 will be automatically deleted from your record by the end of November.

4. Examination deadline warnings from the summer semester 2020 will be postponed to the summer semester 2021 and all examination deadline warnings from the winter semester 2020/21 to the winter semester 2021/22.

5. These regulations apply to the examinations of the summer semester 2020 (may be revoked before 20.04.2020 but not thereafter). Conflicting regulations of the Harz University of Applied Sciences are not applicable during this period.


Regulations by the President's Office

President's Office decision: Implementation of the 5th SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance (May 7th)

1. The courses of the summer semester 2020 are generally held online.

2. Classroom courses can be exceptionally admitted upon application by the lecturers and can be held in compliance with the hygiene and distance regulations, if this is required didactically or in terms of content, which is usually the case especially for laboratory courses. The decision in each individual case is made by the respective dean's office and notified to the President in good time, usually one week before the respective event.

3. The previous regulations on the online performance of examinations and the digital delivery of examination results are supplemented as follows: attendance examinations may be conducted after the examination of alternative forms of examination, subject to compliance with the hygiene and distance regulations. Their potential is to be exploited as far as possible. In case of doubt, the chairmen of the examination board will decide on this.

4. A limited number of self-study places will be set up in the libraries of the Harz University.

5. Concerning the regulations for the care of children, the employees contact the department for Human Resources and the students contact the Admission and Registrar's Office .

6. Outdoor sports activities are possible, provided that § 8 of the 5th SARS-CoV-2-EindV is observed. The beach volleyball court at the Wernigerode site remains closed.


The President’s Office adopted the following regulations - with the approval of the Faculty Deans – on the 26th of March (updated April 1st):

1. The provisions already adopted in resolution of 16 March 2020 shall continue to apply unchanged. Students can be provided with online materials in advance so that they can voluntarily prepare for the semester and use the time now. However, this voluntary preparation cannot be expected by the lecturers until 20.04., as classes do not officially start until then; exceptions to this rule are possible in the area of continuing education. Students will therefore not be required to take part in online teaching until 20.04. Arrangements regarding preparation for term papers, presentations, etc. before 20.04. may be made by individual teaching staff in accordance with their respective department. 

2. In all cases in which documentation in written form is prescribed by regulations of the university or is customary at the university, it is sufficient to send a scan or photograph of the signed (handwritten not digital) document by e-mail to the responsible person/department of the university. The President’s Office would like to point out that it is neither necessary nor desirable to submit the original document subsequently.

3. Written examination papers currently in progress, especially term papers, are to be sent to the examiners by e-mail. The deadlines remain unchanged for the time being; however, students can of course apply for an extension of the processing time in the event of illness, quarantine, library closures or the like in accordance with the regulations of the examination regulations. The chairperson of the board of examiners of the departments are authorised to extend the processing times in agreement with the President’s Office by means of a general ruling ex officio. The submission of originals is not necessary.

The regulations on final theses (President’s Office resolution of 16 March 2020) shall remain in force:

From now on, students have the possibility to register their theses by e-mail and to submit them in due time. The final thesis must be sent by e-mail to both examiners and to the member of the Admission and Registrar's Office responsible for them. The deadlines remain unchanged for the time being; however, students can of course apply for an extension of the processing time in case of illness, quarantine, library closures or the like in accordance with the examination regulations.

Bound Bachelor and Master theses must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 31 August 2020. If the examiners have already evaluated the thesis and do not explicitly insist on a bound copy, a single copy with CD-ROM/DVD is sufficient for submission to the Admission and Registrar's Office.

Where study and examination regulations require declarations of independence, a scan or photograph of the handwritten signed declaration of independence must be enclosed.

4. Lecturers should - wherever this is possible and reasonable according to the relevant study regulations - set other examination forms rather than “written examination” during the summer semester 2020. In justified individual cases and with the agreement of the chairperson of the board of examiners and the programme coordinator, the examination forms “presentations”, “term papers”, “project work”, “reports” or “oral examinations” may be chosen - if necessary also in digital form - if the study regulations only allows for the examination form "written examination". 

5. It is currently uncertain whether interrupted internships can be continued and completed in the summer semester 2020 due to organisational reasons and the currently potential health risks. For this reason, the following special regulations apply to internships that are registered for the summer semester 2020 or are planned according to the study regulations:

Absences in the period from March 12, 2020 up to and including April 20, 2020 do not prevent the full recognition of internships if at least half of the minimum duration prescribed in the internship regulations is completed by the beginning of the winter semester 2020/21. Home Office is approved in this special situation if support is provided by the internship company.

If the internship is broken off and is continued at a later date by an internship at another company (splitting), the students do not require special permission from the university. However, the responsible Work Placement Advisor and the Admission and Registrar's Office must be informed about this.

6. These regulations apply with immediate effect and until revocation. The President's Office points out that it will take further decisions if necessary and therefore requests that the "Corona tile" on the university homepage be observed, by which the responsible bodies are also informed.

The President´s Office, in consultation with the Faculty Deans, would like to keep you informed regarding the current situation and issued the following statements on the 17th of March:

1. No one can currently say with certainty, whether we can start the semester on 20 April 2020 as planned. It is quite possible that the start of the semester will have to be postponed once again. It is very likely that many lecturers and students will fall ill and/or be quarantined in the coming weeks and months and will therefore be absent for a longer period of time. It is to be assumed that not all of the postponed courses can be completed.

2. We have therefore asked all lecturers to develop concepts for teaching in the summer semester 2020 that take these conditions and the special features of the individual modules or units into account. We have suggested that the teaching and learning material should be limited to the essentials and that the possibilities of digitalised teaching should be used more intensively than before.

3. We will not begin with any new teaching formats before April 20, 2020. The end of the summer semester will depend on further developments. It is possible that the project week and part of the examination period of the summer semester will have to be used to make up for courses. Please take this into account in your planning.

4. We have asked everyone to limit face to face meetings to the absolutely necessary minimum in the coming weeks. In particular, please address your inquiries to the Admission and Registrar's Office or the International Office exclusively by telephone or e-mail. Office hours, examination review appointments etc. should all be conducted via e-mail, telephone calls or video conferences. Ongoing projects, especially semester overlapping projects begun during the winter semester, will be continued, but without in-class attendance sessions.

5. Oral examinations should be postponed if possible. At your request, oral examinations that cannot be postponed, especially Bachelor's and Master's colloquia, can now be held via video or telephone conference. Please arrange this directly with the respective examiners.

6. From now it is possible to register your thesis by e-mail and also to submit them via e-mail (bound copies can be submitted later). Please send the thesis by e-mail to both examiners and to appropriate staff member of the Registrar’s Office responsible for you. The deadlines remain unchanged until further notice; however, you can of course apply for a deadline extension in case of illness / quarantine / library closures or similar in accordance with the examination regulations. Please contact the Chairperson of the Board of Examiners in this case.

7. If you are currently studying or doing an internship abroad and need help, please contact either your degree Programme Coordinator, the International Office or Work Placement Advisor.

8. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot answer questions regarding the recognition/acceptance of credits for Corona-related absences from work placements or study abroad programmes as this  has not yet been clarified. We are working intensively on solutions with all involved and will inform you as soon as we have answers.

One thing is clear: The summer semester will be a very special challenge for all of us. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay healthy!

According to the decree on measures to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus of 17.03.2020, all public libraries are closed. Urgently needed books, e.g. for the preparation of theses or similar, will be issued after prior contact with the library/Mrs. Peters by e-mail or phone 0049 3943 659 170.

In addition, the following facilities are closed with immediate effect: Mensa, cafeteria, outdoor fitness park and barbecue area.



Further information on various topics:


Please remember general hygiene requirements for virus infections.

Cleaning services for stair railings and door handles will be increased. Contactless disinfectant dispensers have also been installed at the main entrances to the buildings.




All university events are suspended until April 20!

Participation in external trade fairs/ exhibitions/ conferences/ congresses will be suspended.


The following facilities are closed: canteen, library, cafeteria, outdoor fitness park, barbecue area and exhibition in the Rector's Villa.


Last update: 09.04.2020