Bündnis Bunter Harz

We are alliance partners!

The Alliance Bunter Harz stands for values that our university represents in the Campus Codex:

  • Respect
    "Sexism, racism, homophobia and any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at the Harz University of Applied Sciences"
    "The Harz University of Applied Sciences [...] offers [...] an open platform for participation and knowledge exchange"
  • Global openness
    "Climate of mutual cultural acceptance and mutual respect".

These values are also represented by the Alliance Bunter Harz.

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What the alliance stands for

Alliance Bunter Harz

"Alliance for civil courage
We are a regional alliance in the Harz district against right-wing extremism.

Our goal is to stand up confidently and clearly as a civil society against right-wing extremist positions and actors. In this context, the term right-wing extremism is a umbrella term for attitudes that reject democracy and the equal value of all people." (translated freely)

All info on their website (german only).