Tourism and Destination Development (M.A.)


Tourism and Destination Development - extended (M.A.)

Language of Instruction: German


Standard period of study: 3 semesters (4 semesters extended)


The four-semester degree programme Tourism and Destination Development (extended) is practice-orientated and is aimed at applicants who hold a 180-credit bachelor's degree. The three-semester master's degree programme Tourism and Destination Development requires a 210-credit bachelor's degree. Given that structures in the tourism industry are largely international, the industry participants face new challenges in their economic and ecological strategies. The programme considers the core processes of tourism as well as the re-branding of tourist destinations and service providers. Graduates of this degree programme will be optimally prepared to address the future challenges of the tourism industry.

The focus of the master's programme is on creating new concepts for a future-orientated development of tourist destinations and service providers, as well as on developing and marketing innovative products. Some important aspects include information management and e-tourism, and language training in Business English and Spanish or French.  

The first semester deepens the knowledge gained during the bachelor's programme. Some of the aspects addressed in the modules are touristic location factors, conflict management, managerial accounting and quality management in tourism. Up-to-date media skills, Business English and a second foreign language complete the introductory semester.  

The second semester is built on the pillars of “Destination Project”, “Markets and Products” and Strategic Marketing”. Students will learn, for example, about product development, sales strategies and joint ventures.  

The third semester (extended programme only) serves to deepen the students' practical skills through a research/work placement semester.  

The third/fourth semester concludes the programme and is reserved for the master's thesis, the master's seminar and the colloquium.



Tourism Development, Managerial Accounting, Quality Management, Media Competences, Method and Management Competences, Languages  


Destination Project, Markets and Products, Strategic Marketing, Languages  

3rd SEMESTER (extended only)

Research/work placement semester  


Master's thesis/master's seminar


Career prospects: 

Successful completion of the master's programme opens up numerous employment and career opportunities in companies, associations and institutions of the travel and tourism industry. This includes not only travel organisers and tourism organisations at the destinations (e.g. tourism companies and tourism associations), but also event, trade fair and congress organisers, research institutes, and planning and consulting offices.

Practical knowledge: 

The education in the economic and scientific aspects of tourism at the Harz University of Applied Sciences has acquired a good reputation in many national and international companies and organisations, and this quality is enhanced by the master's degree programme.   The limited number of students in the master's programme ensures that they receive intensive guidance from the experienced teaching staff.    


The project work, conducted in cooperation with industry partners, is a major aspect of the course. Based on current market realities, themes for projects for the development of tourism and destinations are worked on, and solutions are developed and discussed.   A central element of the programme is the importance placed on language skills (e.g. two foreign languages), as is the feasibility of implementation processes for high-quality tourism.

Prof. Dr. Sven Groß

Degree Programme Coordinator

Professor (Dpt. Business Studies)
Tel +49 3943 659 279 Fax +49 3943 659 5279 -5279 Room 2.119, Haus 2, Wernigerode
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Anita, 2. Semester

»I always thought that Tourism Management bachelor's degree is very practice-oriented already, but Tourism and Destination Development beats everything. I am working constantly on different projects. It is a lot of work, but I feel well prepared for the future challenges of the tourism industry.«