When to Come

If you are not sure in which semester you should come to Wernigerode, just read the information below.

Winter or Summer Semester - That is the question.

Whatever you decide - whether winter or summer semester - you will definitely have a great time at Harz University of Applied Sciences!

To help you a bit with your decision, we listed some advantages of each semester below.

Advantages Summer Semester

Period of Study: March - July                         Semesterbreak: August


  • Warm and sunny weather (mostly at least) awaits you!
  • You can play beach volleyball on campus!
  • Campus Fever - Biggest Summer Festival on Campus
  • Due to many public holiday the professors may not teach their whole script...good for the exams..


Advantages Winter Semester

Period of Study: September - January          Semesterbreak: February


  • A lot of new Incomings and German students arrive at Harz University of Applied Sciences.
  • Drink a "Glühwein" -hot spiced wine- on the Campus Christmas Market.
  • Built a snowman on the campus lawn.
  • Show your culture to German students at the International Evening.


Anastasiia, Poland

“Everything is excellent. I don‘t want to leave this place. It already become the second home for me!"

Marina, Malaga

“I am so grateful with this university. I totally recommend it for everyone. Wernigerode is not a common erasmus place but anyway is great!“