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Support and integration at Harz University of Applied Sciences

As an institution of education and science, open-mindedness, tolerance and interculturality are a matter of course for Harz University of Applied Sciences. These values form a fundamental pillar of our work.

Along with other universities and universities of applied sciences in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Harz University of Applied Sciences is assuming social responsibility during the current refugee debate and advocating integration and higher education of refugees. These measures are continually being expanded and offered to potential students.

We already offer support and integration measures in the following areas:

Access to higher education

Guest auditor for orientation and preparation of studying

As a guest auditor you can attend lectures, come into contact with students and lecturers and participate in campus life. A guest place is free of charge for people who receive government support under the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz.

Admission to degree programmes

The general rules for international applicants essentially also apply to refugees. The following pages contain detailed information about the application process.

Harz University of Applied Sciences strives towards unbureaucratic processing of applications by refugees who do not possess sufficient documentation regarding their higher education entrance qualification. Please make use of the advice service at the International Office.

Advice and information at the International Office for refugees interested in studying

Refugees who wish to apply for a study place can obtain information and counselling at the International Office throughout their stay at Harz University of Applied Sciences. Enrolled international students can direct any questions to Elke Stackfleth, (Student Advisor for International Degree Students at the International Office) and Prof. Dr. Birgit Apfelbaum, (Representative for Foreigners).

Use of infrastructure

Library services

The library of Harz University of Applied Sciences is open to the public. We provide access to education and culture for everyone through free use of the collection. Refugees receive a free user card for the library of Harz University of Applied Sciences, which makes it possible to borrow up to five books at the same time.

Student commitment

Buddy programme

Students at Harz University of Applied Sciences support refugees in their preparation for their studies and settling into Harz University in the buddy programme. The International Office will arrange contact directly after admission to the course of studies.

“Harz Crossroads” project

This project aims to create opportunities for exchanges between Germans and refugees. The first proposal, an international cooking evening, has already been well received. The initiative also organised a clothing donation on campus.


Interforum supports the integration of international students into everyday student life in the Harz through cultural exchanges such as the “international evening”. A highlight of the semester, this evening brings together culinary delights from international students and a diverse cultural programme.

Support of researchers

Network research

Harz University of Applied Sciences is listed on the platform The platform, which is maintained by the University of Leipzig, aims to help provide scientists who have fled with access to science and to colleagues who are researching in Germany.


Further measures and proposals are currently being planned. The content of this website will be regularly amended and updated accordingly. In addition, Harz University of Applied Sciences supports and/or participates in initiatives and campaigns of its partners, for example:

International Women´s Club

Internationaler Bund

Campaign "Weltoffene Hochschulen - Gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit"

The intercultural network of Wernigerode

Katalin Varga

Coordinator for Refugee and Integration Affairs

Tel +49 3943 659 894 Fax +49 3943 659 5894 -5894 Room 2.124, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times Mo - Do 8.30 - 13.30 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung


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Some information about the academic integration of refugees can be found in the following knowledge map