Student Association

Student association

By joining Harz University of Applied Sciences you are taking control of your professional and personal future.

You can also exercise this responsibility by becoming an active member of one of our student associations. Depending on your interest and motivation, you can choose from around 20 different associations.

"Sustainable University Harz"

Do you want to become a do-gooder or are you already? Do you want to start meaningful actions with your ideas? Or do you just want to crack "hard nuts"? Or are you interested in participating in projects with great self-realisation possibilities and creativity?


Then come to us. We are a working group of students and university employees who want to promote the sustainable development of the Harz University of Applied Sciences together. For us, acting sustainably means acting in a socially, economically and ecologically compatible manner for us and future generations. Together we have already created many good things, such as the use of recycled paper at the Harz University, the installation of photovoltaic systems, the TauschRausch campaigns for the exchange of clothing and fashion accessories and the Repair Café.


We meet 2 or 3 times a semester to make plans together. You are cordially invited.






Email: jisraelschardt(at) or fgerlach(at)

Be 4 Business e.V.

The Be for Business - e.V. is primarily aimed at students of business administration who want to get involved together beyond their studies.
















E-mail: be4business(at)

Computerhilfsdienst CHIP


In case of communication problems on the PC, virus problems or other "security holes", the students are supported by the computer help service CH!P. At the beginning of the semester EDP introductory courses are offered regularly, which make a fast orientation possible in the server system of the university.














E-mail: chip(at)

Christian Student Community CSG

The Christian Student Community CSG sees itself as a community of Protestant and Catholic students and offers the opportunity to discuss philosophical, artistic or religious topics intensively with the pastors of the city communities and numerous speakers.

CSG is open to all open-minded students.














E-mail: csg-wernigerode(at)

do it! - Service-oriented community of interests e.V.

The do it! Service-oriented community of interests e.V. forms a creative platform for students. It offers first contacts and insights into the professional working world. The association addresses itself particularly to the courses of studies BWL/Service Management and Business Consulting of the university. The promotion and information of the students as well as the networking between them are in the foreground. In addition, the task is to build up an extensive network with companies and alumni and to promote an exchange of interests. The do it! is an active community in which individual projects are developed with positive motivation and high standards.











E-Mail: do-it(at)

eSports Hochschule Harz

eSport & Gaming Hochschule Harz offers students with interest in video games the possibility to find like-minded people in order to follow their hobby together. Players interested in competition can join a team for their favorite game and compete against other German universities for example in the University eSport-League Germany (UEG), together with other fellow students. Furthermore, those who simply want to play can also network with like-minded people and meet new people here. However, since we do not want to create purely virtual acquaintances, we also organize smaller events such as a board game evening at our university.








You can reach us on our Facebook page, by email or Instagram.

Email: esport(at)



We are "GRAS" - the green-alternative student association in Wernigerode. In the center of our work is the political discourse and the political education work at the university. We see ourselves as an anti-fascist, ecological, emancipatory, social, pacifist and democratic association of students. We share these values with other groups throughout Germany. We want to represent the interests of the students of the university, as well as stimulate to the political opinion. With various workshops, film evenings and discussion rounds we complement the initiative landscape and make it a bit "greener".












E-mail: graswr(at)

HIT e.V.

With the plan to actively shape the tourism study at the university and thereby make it more attractive, 1995 the Harzer community of interests of the tourism students, briefly HIT registered association, was created. Meanwhile over 120 members represent the university on the ITB in Berlin and arrange popular Events like the "tourism forum", with which experts from the economy come regularly to our university.

You can get an insight into the activities of the HIT in our short video interview.












E-mail: info(at)

"Film ab!" University cinema

Every semester, the "Film ab!" university cinema presents a varied programme with the latest film highlights and changing specials. For the perfect movie enjoyment we offer fresh popcornand snacks & drinks. In addition, we support higher education institutions and other initiatives in acquiring licenses and thus realise special ideas. The special atmosphere and student friendly prices make the university cinema a unique experience for all film enthusiasts.

Cinema has become an integral part of the cultural offerings on campus. We are looking forward to meeting you!










E-mail: hochschulkino(at)

Homepage for further information:


IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Practical Experience) has been actively promoting the international exchange of interns at Harz University of Applied Sciences since 1999. The politically neutral organisation offers helpful support in the preparation of the internship abroad for "incoming" and "outgoing" students.














E-mail: iaeste(at)

The local ERASMUS initiative InterForum accompanies the integration of international exchange students into everyday student life in the Harz region through cultural encounters such as the "International Evening". At this semester highlight, foreign students put together culinary delights and a colourful cultural programme.














E-mail: interforum(at)

culture shock

In your dreams you have always been an actor, musician, artist, director, organiser,...?

Your dream can come true in culture shock!

The culture shock takes care of the cultural enrichment of the student's everyday life and organises great projects like plays or the annual Halloween party every year. We are always on the lookout for new, creative minds to enrich our colourful bunch.

You can get an insight into the activities of the culture shock in our short video interview.












E-mail: kulturschock(at)

Studying with children

Studying with children is an initiative of students with children for students with children. The basic idea is to represent the interests of parents studying and to offer a platform for exchange. For this purpose, meetings with experts are arranged, roundtables are set up and assistance on everyday questions is offered.









Contact: Margret Wachsmuth


(Ring of Christian Democratic Students)

The RCDS (Ring of Christian Democratic Students) is the oldest political initiative at Harz University of Applied Sciences. With us you have the opportunity to actively participate in university life, make new acquaintances and participate in a variety of activities. But even if you are less interested in politics, you are in good hands with us. First and foremost, the RCDS from Harz UAS is about having fun together and experiencing something together. During our excursions and activities, which take place every semester, we visit destinations such as Heide-Park, the Kiez in Hamburg or start for a refreshing canoe tour on the Oker. Where we go, we decide together on our group evenings. For our meetings we have our own room in the Malzmühle, where we meet regularly for snacks and drinks. In addition to our tours, we also plan other activities there, such as hikes or our discussion rounds on current topics. Even a wine tasting has already been organized by our members.










Social commitment while studying is not a matter of course and for this very reason it is something very special. The aim of the non-profit association ROCK YOUR LIFE! is to support students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. For this purpose, students are qualified as mentors who accompany a student individually and continuously for two years on their way to work or to a secondary school. Mentoring is supplemented by a Germany-wide company network that provides internships and training positions for the students. Across Germany, over 11,000 people volunteer their time at ROCK YOUR LIFE! at over 50 locations.











Homepage for further information:

Sports fans

In November 2010 the student initiative "Sportfreunde Hochschule Harz" was founded and has enjoyed growing popularity ever since. Our members have the opportunity to contribute or implement their own ideas when organising sporting highlights (e.g. various competitions, sportsmen's parties). Together with the university sport we want to "MOVE WHAT TO MOVE YOU"!















We are scholarship holders of the Hans Böckler Foundation and are one of Germany's largest organisations for the promotion of gifted students. It supports committed and talented students with scholarships. In addition, experienced lecturers help with studies and career start, provide orientation and arrange contacts. The Hans Böckler Foundation demands equal educational opportunities for all!!

Tatort Campus

The university newspaper Tatort Campus is published twice a year with the aim of providing students with current information on everyday university life and semester highlights and actively integrating them through its own contributions and photo series. Creative hobby journalists with a penchant for varied work are therefore always welcome.