Help in financial emergencies

Dear fellow students,

On October 27th, 2020, your student representatives met with our minister of science to exchange experiences regarding “Studying and financial aid”.

Many of you found yourself in a financial emergency after the first Corona restrictions and have not been able to completely recover from it since. Now students are faced with the problems of lockdown again.

The bridging aid provided for the students unfortunately turned out to be inadequate in the past for various reasons. Discussions are now underway to reactivate the summer emergency aid program.

Our request to you:

We would therefore like to ask you to participate in the following petition in order to significantly improve the bridging aid for the coming period.

Further financial aid

If you have financial problems at the moment, there are other offers of help from the Studentenwerk:

  • free canteen food
  • Rental deferrals (for particularly needy students who are affected by the Corona measures)
  • Hardship fund loan (one-time 800 Euro interest-free)
  • Graduation loan (max. 12 months before graduation, 6 months BAföG maximum rate)
  • Studentenwerke as sales partner of the KFW student loan (0% credit until March 31, 2021)
  • Digital counseling services Social and psychosocial counseling (help in crises)
  • Chat advice on questions from all areas of the Studentenwerk

Applications and information can be found here (german only):

And here (german and english):

We hope for your participation!