.... acquire, administer, analyse and visualize spatial information to support holistic and sustainable decision making

Online-Dashboard seit 01.05.2022 im EU-Projekt "FARM" im Web:

New EU project is led by Prof. Dr. Hardy Pundt (University of Applied Sciences Harz)

FARM project started in November 2020
The ERASMUS Project is aimed at bringing scientists from Lithuania, North-Macedonia, Spain, Cyprus and Germany together to research opportunities and possibilities resulting from innovative digital methods to support sustainable development in rural regions. Prof. Dr. Pundt, supported by Suntje Ehmann, both from Harz University of Applied Sciences are incharge of leading the project. For more details look on the EU-ERASMUS-Website:

Knowledge, skills and innovation are the indispensable foundation of sustainable development. European agricultural and rural development policies have a long-standing record of stimulating innovation, moreover, sharing knowledge within networks speeds the process of adoption of innovations. Given these preliminary considerations, the first challenge of FARM project is to boost knowledge and technology transfer in the agricultural sector. The possibility to increase the level of information available to ARD (Agriculture and Rural Development) about new technologies is directly linked to sectorial investments, economic and environmental efficiency and sustainability, food healthiness and safety, ability to compete in the international market area.

StaPrax-Regio-Projekt bei IFAT München 2022 vertreten

Bei der diesjährigen Messe "IFAT 2022" ist das StaPrax-Regio-Projekt", dass unter Konsortialführung der SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz durchgeführt wird un in dem die Hochschule Harz mit der AG "Geoinformatik" vertreten ist, mit einer Informationsstele vertreten sein.