Key Areas of Research

At Harz University, our scientists and researchers work on a wide-ranging field of topics. However, all three Departments of our university emphasize selected key areas of research. These foci stand out due to special expertise of several of our researchers, numerous publications, long-standing experience and cooperation with external partners in the particular field of research.

The following points serve as an overview on Harz University's key areas of research. If you have any questions regarding a specific area, please contact our Research Staff.

Department of Public Management

  • Economic Development and Location Management
  • Aspects of the management structure reform / modernization of management

Department of Business Studies

  • Sustainable company management
  • Market psychology and business psychological methods
  • Quality of life and tourism

Department of Automation and Computer Sciences

  • Information and communication technologies (Digital Media, Mobile systems, image processing, services, security and e-government, Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Photonic systems, applications and techniques for coping with demographic change)
  • Climate protection and adaptation of the impacts of climate change
  • Industry 4.0 (including Cyber Physical Systems, Mechatronics)