Sustainable Management (B.Sc.)

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The management of the future

sustainable - innovative - digital

Management is the art of solving challenges of a complex world. Today, it is no longer only responsible for economic success, but increasingly assumes responsibility for the social and environmental impact of a company's activities. Sustainable management is aware of this comprehensive responsibility and works on sustainable solutions for all stakeholders in the long term.

This requires finding completely new ways of doing things. Entrepreneurs have the mindset and the tools to find such new ways and make them viable: they develop ideas and implement them, for example by founding a start-up, but also in the context of existing companies.

About the degree programme

In addition to the focal points of sustainability, the degree programme also focuses on topics related to digitalization. Understanding data as a raw material offers companies and organizations many opportunities and helps to identify and avert risks. Thus the Sustainable Management degree programme teaches you to assess the potential of corporate data and gives you the most important analytical skills to transfer it.

1st – 3rd Semester

The programme is designed for seven semesters with a yearly start the winter term. On the one hand, the first three semesters form a solid basis of fundamental management skills. On the other hand, you already get to know two special focuses of the study programme - "sustainable" and "digital".

4th Semester

The fourth semester can be used according to your own preferences and development goals: you can either do an internship, apply for an international exchange semester or - and that is new to this program - conduct a so called "entrepreneurship semester". Here you work in a startup team on your own business plan and this way, step by step from idea to ready-to-go blueprint, develop your own business. 

5th - 6th Semester

The fifth and sixth semesters complete your future-oriented competence profile. In particular, topics related to sustainability and digitalization are explored in depth here.

7th Semester

In the seventh semester, you will prepare for your career entry: You gain valuable practical experience in a three-month internship and delve into a selected topic in the Bachelor's thesis and colloquium.

Career prospects

Sustainable Management qualifies you for a variety of jobs in the management of companies, NGOs and other organizations. Graduates are predestined as:

  • Innovation manager
  • Project manager
  • Founder of an own (social) start-up company
  • Finance manager
  • Sustainability specialist
  • Production or supply chain manager
  • Business consultant

This is only a small selection of conceivable career prospects.

Prof. Dr. Philipp David Schaller

Degree Programme Coordinator

Professor Faculty of Business Studies
Tel +49 3943 659 297
Room 2.308, Haus 2, Wernigerode
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