European Administrative Management
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Language of instruction: German



Standard period of studies: 7 semesters

Overview -Competent In European Issues - The EU Experts Of The Future

Understand Europe and help to shape it

The Harz University of Applied Sciences is the only place in Germany where a Bachelor of Arts in European Administrative Management is offered. Which developments are currently determining economic policy in Europe? How is the European Union structured? As an expert on Europe in a public institution or company, which regulations do I need to be aware of?  

We offer you a widely diversified degree programme which will qualify you to work in the public sector, private companies or non-governmental organisations (NGOs). What your specialist area will be, you decide yourself, for example through your work placement or your bachelor's thesis.  

An excellent command of languages

An important part of your degree programme is the learning of foreign languages in modern language laboratories. In the third semester at the latest, your English will be so fluent that you can easily take part in discussions on specialist themes. At the same time, you will learn a second foreign language.  

Good support

The excellent support at the Harz University of Applied Sciences provides you with security throughout your entire degree programme. Special information events about work placements and studying abroad, career prospects and questions of financing are available for you to attend in every semester. With the degree programme coordinator, the International Office and your teaching staff, you have direct contacts you can talk to at any time.


1st – 3rd SEMESTER


Introduction to Administrative Management, Introduction to Economics, European Law, European Institutions, Politics in Europe, Single European Market, Communication Strategies, Social Sciences, Introduction to Cost Accounting, Introduction to Civil Law, European Governance, Intercultural Awareness, Economics and Economic Policy, Personnel Management, Marketing  

Methods of teaching and learning:

Lecture series concluding with an examination; seminars with practical exercises, presentations.  

Language courses:

Language training in modern laboratories: 1st foreign language: English, 2nd foreign language: French, Spanish or Russian


Work placement:

Thirteen-week local authority work placement; thirteen-week government work placement; seminar accompanying practical work  


Study semester abroad (at a partner university for the degree programme European Administrative Management or another university worldwide)



Compulsory elective courses  

The following themes can be chosen:

  • Energy and the Environment
  • European Integration Processes
  • European Commercial Law
  • International Economic Relationships  

Methods of teaching and learning:

Seminars, project work and simulation exercises  


Bachelor's work placement; bachelor's seminar; bachelor's thesis; bachelor's colloquium


The career areas of our graduates:

  • staff of a member of parliament (German Federal Parliament or European Parliament)
  • in European institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg
  • in economic support institutions (non-profit investment banks)
  • Ministry of the Interior, Saxony-Anhalt
  • in a Chamber of Commerce, a municipal organisation or the Association of German Cities
  • in non-governmental organisations such as charities, churches, Amnesty International or Greenpeace
  • in local authorities as a person responsible for European affairs or staff of a European Affairs Office
  • at the intersection between European law, European politics, commerce and administration

Prof. Dr. Isabella-Marie Nolte

Programme Coordinator

Professor (Dep. of Public Administration)
Tel +49 3943 659 431
Room D220, Haus D, Halberstadt