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Media Informatics (B.Sc.)

Language of instruction: German

Overview - Be Creative – With The Latest Technologies

2 languages – 1 focus

The Media Informatics programme at the Harz University of Applied Sciences is divided between 50% informatics, multimedia programming and databases, and 50% design: graphics, photography, video, audio, animations and interaction techniques. Our graduates are fluent in design as well as in programming. During your studies, you can choose which aspect you want to focus on in your later professional life.  

Your degree – the first step in your career

Our degree programme places a strong emphasis on practical work and projects. Just as in your future working life, you will work in a team to develop ideas into market-ready solutions. You will learn to present and defend your concepts and will train your communication and social skills. At the end of your studies you will have a substantial portfolio of projects to aid you in landing your dream job. The work placements in the fourth and seventh semesters also provide stepping stones into professional life.  

Lost in technology: the future of the media world in our labs

At the Harz University of Applied Sciences you will work with the latest technologies, which will be used by tomorrow’s media informatics specialists. The following facilities are at your disposal:

  • Studio for film and photo work, sound design
  • Editing rooms
  • Modern labs for 3D graphics, motion capture, mobile systems, multimedia, usability and illustration
  • Every student is assured a place in our labs


1st – 3rd SEMESTER


Media Design 1 and 2: Graphic Design, Graphic Techniques, Form, Colour, Corporate Design, Techniques for Working and Learning;

Audio-Visual Design 1 and 2: Photography Techniques, Audio Techniques, Film Techniques, Film Editing;

Project Week;  

Basic informatics and programming skills:Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Informatics, Media Informatics, Mathematics 1 and 2;

Object-Oriented Programming Techniques: Object-Oriented Software Techniques, Object-Oriented Programming;

as well as: Application Programming, Computer Graphics, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Programming;

Project Management and Language Courses: Project Management, English for Media Informatics 1 and 2  

Professional field orientation: At the end of the third semester you can choose between the fields of study "Future Internet" or "Media Production". Depending on your choice, you will take a selection of modules from our professional field orientations "Informatics in the Media" and "Media Design" in a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio.  



Post-Production, Software Engineering, Theoretical Informatics, Project Planning: Scientific Methods, Creativity Techniques, Project Preparation  

Choice of field of study: "Media Production" or "Future Internet"

Specialisation in "Future Internet": Programming Mobile Systems

Specialisation in "Media Production": Computer Animation  

5th and 6th SEMESTER

Media Informatics and society

Work placement: semester project and individual project

In the fifth and sixth semesters you will work intensively as part of a team on a practical project, generally for a regional or national organisation. At the same time you will be working on your own project on the topic of your choice. 


Bachelor's work placement, bachelor's thesis, bachelor's colloquium


Our graduates work for companies or are self-employed as:

  • Multimedia developers as contractors for online agencies ·
  • Programmers in high-level languages, for databases and for the internet
  • IT consultants, network specialists or administrators in industrial fields
  • Designers in 2D, 3D and 3D animation for the automotive, games and film industries
  • Post-production specialists for film, television, radio and Blu-Ray productions
  • Project managers in online or classical marketing
  • Lecturers at universities or junior scientists in research

Prof. Jürgen Singer, Ph.D.

Programme Coordinator

Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
Tel +49 3943 659 830
Room 9.323, Haus 9, Wernigerode
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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Media Informatics

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Standard period of study: 7 semesters

Start of studies: winter semester

Julia, 6. Semester

»The study programme is very diverse, so you will always be challanged to rethink. For me it offers many opportunities. I can further develop my grafic design skills, can try many new things and I learn programming in different languages with new techniques. It is great, especially working in small groups.«