Administrative Economics
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Language of instruction: German



Standard period of study: 7 semesters

Overview - Economic Thinking – Competent Decisions – Secure Future


By studying at the Harz University of Applied Sciences you trust in our experience. We have been educating decision-makers for public administration for more than 15 years. You will get to know the legal and economic foundations of your future decisions.  

Put the law into practice competently and use resources efficiently

During your studies you will learn and apply the fundamentals of financial economics in the public sector: Through case studies and projects you will practise solving problems, making decisions and then defending them. Ideal conditions for this are provided by our seminar groups with a maximum of 30 students.  

Secure future

Our graduates have the best chances of finding secure employment.


1st – 3rd SEMESTER

From the 1st to 3rd semesters the contents of the degree programmes Public Administration and Administrative Economics are the same.


Fundamentals of Law and the Economy, Fundamentals of Accounting, Social Sciences, Civil Law, Administrative and Planning Law, Municipal Administration and Economics, Personnel Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Psychology, English  

Personal competences:

Team working, communication skills, presentation techniques, moderation and social competence

Methods of teaching and learning:

Lecture series concluding with an examination, seminars with practical exercises, presentations, group work, language laboratory  


Work placement:

Thirteen-week local authority work placement; thirteen-week government work placement; seminar accompanying practical work

5th – 6th SEMESTER

Focus on economics


Managerial Accounting, Administration         

Possible specialisations:

Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Personnel Management, Quality Assurance, Project Management  

Methods of teaching and learning:

Simulation exercises, inter-semester projects  


Thirteen-week bachelor's work placement; bachelor's seminar; bachelor's thesis; bachelor's colloquium


Our graduates are, for example, employed by:

  • Municipal utility companies
  • Waste disposal companies
  • Cultural facilities
  • Economic support organisations
  • Chambers of commerce and industry
  • Social insurance companies
  • Companies in the automotive industry

Maria, 6. Semester

»I've learned a lot during a project for cyclist. We had to come up with a concept, had to calculate the budget and give advice for the realisation of the project. It was great to see how everything comes together.«