Research and Technology Transfer at Harz University of Applied Sciences

Besides teaching, research is one of the principal duties of a university. We see ourselves as a scientific institution, attaching central importance to applied research and development. Harz University of Applied Sciences strives to use its research activities to make a significant contribution to social, economic and technical development while infusing the curriculum with up-to-date content.

Whether you are a scientist, professor or student at a current or prospective partner university, or a company which is interested in finding out more about applied research at our university, the following pages aim to give you an overview of research and development infrastructure, activities and projects at Harz University.

Harz University and its scientists and research assistants are always interested in challenging, fascinating cooperative research projects with international scientists, companies and public administrations. If you are interested in working with us, contact our Research Staff, our Knowledge Broker or our Application Lab.

As a part of Saxony Anhalt’s Excellence Initiative, Harz University’s "Competence Centre for Information and Communication Technologies and Business-oriented Services" belongs to the Competence Network for Applied and Transfer-Oriented Research. Research and development activities within the structures of the Competence Centre are in part facilitated by the European Commission and the European Regional Development Fund. As a scientist, research assistant or partner in a prospective cooperative research project, the Competence Centre offers you a number of services, such as establishing connections to relevant local businesses, networks and of course to Harz University’s research experts.

The Application Lab is an internal service and consulting centre for Harz University’s scientists and research assistants. Its services include support in seeking financing options and applying for research and development funding and third-party funding.

Our Associated Institutes are established organisationally and legally independent from, but affiliated to Harz University. All of our Associated Institutes have successfully cooperated with local and nationwide businesses and are interested in research project inquiries.

You can find more in-depth information on our German research page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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