Business Consulting (M.A.)

Language of instruction: German



Standard period of study: 3 semesters
(4 semesters extended)


Be A Consultant!

With the master's degree programme Business Consulting (accredited by ACQUIN) the Harz University of Applied Sciences closes a gap in the training of business consultants. Together with partners working in this field, we have developed a concept that is designed to meet the requirements of the growing consulting market. Our degree programme enables you to make targeted use of consulting methods and instruments, provides you with well-founded business know-how and supplementary knowledge of business psychology.  A decisive pillar of our didactic concept is the practical project: already during your studies, you get fully involved in consultancy work.  

Practical project

You acquire – you negotiate – you evaluate In the third semester you get to know the daily work of a business consultancy. Together with your fellow students you take over responsibility for acquiring, planning and carrying out a real consultancy project, and perform the final presentation. In addition, you work on a research project in order to broaden your conceptional and intellectual abilities, and possibly to work towards a doctorate.  

Exercises, training, mentoring

Our graduates are known for their outstanding ability to think logically and analytically, their creativity and willingness to learn, their ability to work in teams and their healthy self-confidence. These personal competences are a result of the intensive teaching units with a maximum of 15 participants, which focus on individual exercises and training. Beyond this, you can use the help of our experienced mentors and make your first contacts with professionals working in this field.


1st SEMESTER (extended master's programme)


In the first semester, the fundamental themes and competences in the field of business consulting are covered: e.g. consulting simulation exercises, legal aspects of consulting and specialist vocabulary in English. In addition, at the beginning of the first semester each student agrees four individual basic modules with the degree programme organisers: e.g. Managerial Accounting, Communication and Moderation, Market and Consumer Psychology, Market Research, Organisational Psychology.          

Methods of teaching and learning:

Lectures and seminars combined with workshops, oral and written examinations, presentations and assignments.

2nd SEMESTER (extended master's programme) or
1st SEMESTER (three-semester master's programme)


In the second semester the content is orientated towards the typical processes of business consulting:

  • Methods and Instruments for Analysing Companies (problem recognition)
  • Strategy Development (identifying possible solutions)
  • Leading Negotiations (gaining acceptance for the solution and putting it into practice) 

Methods of teaching and learning:

Lectures and seminars combined with workshops on a typical area of application for business consultancy, e.g. the module "Analysis of Complex Systems", Benchmarking, Qualitative Approaches.

3rd SEMESTER (extended master's programme) or
2nd SEMESTER (three-semester master's programme)


Carrying out a real consultancy project as well as a research project. In the context of the research project students can publish their first book and newspaper articles, papers and conference contributions.  

Methods of teaching and learning:

Project work

4th SEMESTER (extended master's programme) or
3rd SEMESTER (three-semester master's programme)

The fourth semester is dedicated to working on the master's thesis. There is also the possibility to study abroad or take part in a work placement.


Our graduates work, for example:

  • as self-employed consultants in their own companies, for instance with a focus on change management consultancy
  • in leading consultancy companies, e.g. in the financial services industry in the area of Human Capital Advisory Services  (Deloitte  Consulting  GmbH,  Zürich)  or  as
  • IT consultants in the area of processes and services
  • as advisers to non-profit organisations (NGOs)
  • in regional companies, e.g. In the Sales and Marketing Department of Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH (Harz Narrow-Gauge Railways)
  • in research projects at the Harz University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Jutta Müller

Degree Programme Coordinator

Professor Faculty of Business Studies
Tel +49 3943 659 258
Room 2.312, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times Montag 15:00 - 15:45 Uhr


»Academically the courses here in Wernigerode are on a very high level: Modules like Rational Decision Making or Forecasting Methods are part of our curriculum as well as Negotioation Techniques or handeling complex systems. The real life consulting projects are rather important as well - here you can put theory into practise and test your solution oriented thinking.«