Project background

The joint project "TransInno_LSA - Structural Evaluation and Modernization of the Association-wide Transfer and Third-Mission Activities" was one of 29 projects selected to receive funding from the BMBF funding initiative "Innovative University" in the funding period from 2018 to 2022.

Over the past five years, the network, consisting of the universities of Merseburg, Magdeburg-Stendal and Harz, has faced challenges such as demographic change, the increased demands on the economy in the age of digitalization, the needs of start-ups and the restructuring of internal processes.

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The sub-project Transfer Evaluation Toolbox (TBT) was one of 14 sub-projects of the joint project TransInno_LSA and served the field of action Transfer Evaluation.

The main focus of the TBT project was the development of a dynamic evaluation tool that enables the visibility, measurement, evaluation and control of third mission activities, taking into account their heterogeneity. The TBT project team weighed and tested different evaluation methods and finally developed the tool M³E on the methodological basis of a utility analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis.

We are pleased to make the results of five years of research available to you for free use.

More about the subproject Transfer Evaluation Toolbox: Link
Please note that the content of the website is in German language.