Technology and Innovation Management
(M. Eng.) - English track


18.01.2023 The application period for the summer semester 2023 is over.

The application period for the winter semester 23/24 is expected to commence on uni-assist in April 2023.

We recommend applying within the first six weeks after the start of the application period.

Technology and Innovation Management

Innovation and technology are key drivers of competitive advantage in today's knowledge economy. Digital technologies and the Internet of Things have launched a new industrial revolution – the digitalization of processes along the value chains of the manufacturing and service industry.

The study programme qualifies professional experts who analyse current innovation trends and future business opportunities. Building on their qualifications, they suggest decisions on innovations for the management. Graduates of this study programme provide support for the systematic implementation of innovation processes by considering managerial and technical aspects. They link solutions for automation and digitalization with the underlying business processes.

The study programme combines engineering, IT and business competences in a methodically sound manner. Core aspect is an applied science approach to recent and emerging trends in digitalization that affect technological, manufacturing, and organisational patterns. Students will be empowered to plan, implement, and advocate their projects and solutions, as well as to take management responsibilities.

The Master degree opens a doctoral and academic career path.

There is an option to do an internship or an exchange semester abroad (both not being a mandatory part of the course). If a student decides to exercise this option, it is highly recommendable to do it only in the fourth study semester. 

The option of online study is only available to the first semester students.

Language of instruction



Tuition fees per semester in EUR: n/a

Semester contribution: 102.65 EUR (including free regional public transportation)

Semester contribution beginning from the summer semester 2022: 105 EUR (including free regional public transportation)

Application deadlines

Application deadlines for applicants with a foreign academic university degree via

Winter semester: June 15th 

Summer semester: December 15th 

Application deadlines for applicants with a German academic university degree via

Winter semester: July 15th

Summer semester: January 15th



Admission requirements

List of required documents:

In the "Documents specific to the course of study" you are asked to send your proof of a minimum of 10 weeks of professional experience.

Prerequisite for admission is a first university degree with a "Good" overall performance. The GPA of your bachelor course must be 2.5 or higher according to the German scale. A degree of minimum 180 ECTS credit points (or equivalent) is required for admission to the Regular Track. A 210 ECTS credit points degree is eligible for the Fast Track admission. The previous degree should relate to industrial engineering, business informatics, technical management, or other engineering subject. A minimum of 10 weeks of professional experience related to the first degree’s subject area is requested.

The admission board decides on candidates' admission on the basis of academic performance, language proficiency and professional experience. This course has restricted admissions.

Language requirements: English B2 - upper score (please find the precise requirements in the appendix of "Regulations of Admission", Documents for download), German recommended

If it is clear from the documents of the previous course of study that it was conducted in English, this diploma is also considered proof of ability to study in English.

Course organisation

Depending on previous academic records, candidates may opt for the regular track course (4 semesters) or the fast track course (3 semesters). For details, please look up the admission requirements.

Curriculum for adjustment - Regular Track only (one semester, 30 ECTS):

  • Electives in Business
  • Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Research Fields in Computer Science
  • Engineering Project based on laboratory assignments
  • German as a Foreign Language (several levels)

Core curriculum Regular and Fast Track (two semesters, 30 ECTS each):

  • Strategic Innovation Management
  • Operations Research and IT Security Risk Assessment
  • Agile Requirements Engineering and Digital Transformation
  • Information Retrieval Technology
  • Digital Business Models and Idea Engineering
  • Functional Safety
  • Technology Assessment and Sustainability
  • Big Data and Geoinformation
  • Elective in current technologies, e.g. Mixed Reality, Smart Buildings
  • Research and Development Project integrating Research Methods and Academic Writing

Master Thesis and Colloqium (one semester, 30 ECTS)

Types of Assessment:
Project work reports and presentations, written and oral examination, term papers, software drafts, Master thesis and colloquium



Documents for download

Study Regulations for the study course "Technology and Innovation Management"/English track

Regulations on Admission for the study course "Technology and Innovation Management"/English track

Examination Regulations for the study course "Technology and Innovation Management"/English track

Course Compendium for the Master’s Degree Course "Technology and Innovation Management" (B. Eng.), State 2021

List of acknowledged language certificates


Course design Technology and Innovation Management

Olesya Herfurth

Project manager

FB Automatisierung und Informatik
Tel +49 3943 659 362
Room 2.027, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail /by prior agreement by email

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Leich

Programme coordinator

FB Automatisierung und Informatik
Tel +49 3943 659 318
Room 2.003, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail

Juliane Leßmann

Programme coordinator

FB Automatisierung und Informatik
Tel +49 3943 659 756
Room 2.204, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Master student Technology and Innovation Management, German course

Master student Technology and Innovation Management, German track

As a foreign student, I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to the course of Technisches Innovationsmanagement at Hochschule Harz. I was compelled to apply for this course due to its unique nature and the tremendous potential for learning subjects that are highly relevant to the realistic needs of the industry today.

As a part of this study program, I have benefitted a lot by gaining a different perspective of approaching the topics of innovation and management from the engineering standpoint. The course has exposed me to various subjects ranging from core technical topics such as Functional Security and Information Retrieval to management related topics such as Strategic Planning Processes and Agile Requirements Engineering that were taught by highly qualified Lecturers who have several years of industry experience behind them as well.

In addition to my academic activities, I have also been recruited as a student associate for the Ch!p room (IT Support) of the institution as well as an associate for the testing of a website that has been developed in house by the university and department.

My experience as part of the German educational system has been a very positive and fruitful one and I am confident that it has equipped me to tackle the professional environments that I will encounter in the future.