Consumer Psychology and Market Research (M.Sc.)

Language of Instruction: German

Standard Period of Study: 3 semesters (4 semesters extended)

Markets and Psychology


Consumer Psychology and Market Research - interdisciplinary and practice-orientated

The master's degree programme Consumer Psychology and Market Research at the Harz University of Applied Sciences extends and broadens a bachelor's degree with a focus on marketing and market research. The consecutive degree programme is behavioural-science-orientated and looks at the behaviour of people in their role as (potential) customers and consumers. The degree programme focuses on applications in the service sector as well as sensory product research. In recent years this has become an important building block for market success in the area of consumer goods.

Develop and apply practically usable models and instruments

In the degree programme, in addition to specialist know-how, key competences are taught such as psychological negotiation techniques and dealing with decision-making situations and complex problems. It is important to our teaching staff that our students are able to put the knowledge they have gained to practical use. We therefore offer a pure practice semester in which the students take part in both research and marketing psychology projects.

Scientifically researched human behaviour

The degree programme is offered in two variants with either three or four semesters. It is therefore possible for graduates of a six-semester bachelor's degree programme (with 180 credit points) or graduates of a seven-semester bachelor's degree programme (with 210 credit points) to continue their studies seamlessly with this degree programme. The master's degree course Consumer Psychology and Market Research fulfils the requirements for behavioural-science-orientated consumer research. It combines sophisticated methodology with current scientific insights into the behaviour of individuals in the market.



The introductory semester

The first semester serves to provide extended knowledge of the fundamentals of psychology, business and methodology, specially directed towards the area of "Consumers and Markets". Its contents include:

  • Advertising and consumer psychology
  • Consumer goods marketing
  • Quantitative market research
  • Ethics in marketing and market research
  • Legal aspects of marketing and market research
  • An experimental project
  • Two compulsory elective courses (with which individual gaps in previous knowledge can be closed)


The theory semester

The second semester broadens knowledge in the area of "Consumers and Markets" with specific courses and in addition provides interdisciplinary key competences.

It includes:

  • Negotiation (psychological negotiation techniques and game theory)
  • Consumer behaviour throughout the lifetime (fundamentals of development psychology and qualitative target-group analysis)
  • Service sector market research (company reputation / brand strength, and a practice seminar on service sector market research)
  • Sensory consumer behaviour (fundamentals of sensory product research and sensory product management)
  • Two modules "Complementary Key Competences" – these currently include courses on decision-making models and the solving of complex problems


The project semester

In the third semester a research project and a market psychology project are carried out. These projects can be performed by students alone or in groups.


The master's semester

The fourth semester is used for preparation of the master's thesis, which is defended in a master's colloquium.

In the three-semester study variant there is no introductory semester. The remaining semesters are identical.


The degree course prepares students for various activities in the areas of "Marketing" and "Market Research". The career perspectives result from the interaction between the master's degree programme and a suitable bachelor's degree programme. The two programmes complement each other to form a comprehensive training in business, psychology and methodology. This equips graduates for positions in marketing and market research departments of companies in very diverse markets. Degree holders are also predestined for employment in specialised marketing and market research companies as analysts or consultants.

Prof. Dr. Georg Felser

Degree Programme Coordinator

Professor Faculty of Business Studies
Tel +49 3943 659 261
Room 2.309, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times Donnerstag 09:45 - 10:45 Uhr

Rebecca, graduate of business psychology

»The practice-orientated lectures in statistics and psychology, which are tailored to specific marketing problems, convinced me to choose this unique master degree.«