Smart Automation (B.Eng.)

Language of instruction: German


Smart Automation provides intelligent solutions for the technologies of the future. Graduates of this broad-based engineering degree programme find interesting jobs in a wide range of industries and realize ideas and visions creatively:

  • Smart Factory: flexible, networked and efficient production
  • Smart Home: live securely, comfortably and socially networked
  • Environment: conserve energy and raw material resources, maintain healthy living conditions

Two fields of study — one goal

Engineers make science-fiction become reality. Within the degree programme Smart Automation there are two fields of study to choose from:

  • Automation Technicians develop and utilise smart devices, machines and plant.
  • Computational Engineers develop and utilise software for intelligent components, systems and applications.

Practice-orientated degree programme

Right from the first semester, you will learn to apply specialist knowledge practically in high-tech laboratories.

In addition to work placements in modern laboratories involving the main subject areas, in the later semesters you will work, for example:

  • in a virtual power station,
  • with industrial robots,
  • in a control room with large-screen projection
  • or with mobile systems.

The work-placement semester enables our students to get a foothold in working life without the stress of job applications.

Quality and individual support

For many years, our engineering programmes have attained top positions among German universities in the rankings of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE).

With us, your degree programme will be tailored to your own requirements:

  • You will study in small groups with individual attention.
  • In the fifth and sixth semesters specialisations, so-called professional field orientations, can be selected, so that personal interests are taken into account.
  • Are you apprehensive about studying technical subjects? Our Studium++ programme provides a smart entry into the degree course for cautious students.
  • Those with doubts can spread the courses of the first study year over two years. In this way, knowledge deficits can be rectified with the help of tutorials.


Future career prospects

Automation Technicians and Computational Engineers from the Harz University of Applied Sciences work for companies or are self-employed, for example as:

  • Project engineers for intelligent production
  • Developers of intelligent systems for medical technology and health care
  • Scientists in research departments for new automotive or machine concepts
  • Advisors for the optimisation of energy usage in industry, transport or everyday life
  • Managers of development teams in the automation industry

Engineers are in short supply

Smart Automation is a degree programme that is very worthwhile.

  • Studying applied electrical engineering and computer science is worthwhile because the starting salaries are right at the top in a comparison between industries.
  • Career entry takes place through the work-placement semester without the stress of job applications.
  • Usually, engineering graduates can choose between multiple attractive job offers when starting their careers.

Company advisory committee

The degree programme is supported by a company advisory committee. The committee consists of managing directors and board members of companies from the Harz and Goslar districts as well as from the regions Frankfurt/Main and Hanover. The content of the degree programme is agreed in a dialogue with the companies and is orientated towards future fields of business of automation technology.

Prof. Dr. René Schenkendorf

Programme Coordinator

Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
Tel +49 3943 659 317
Room 2.207, Haus 2, Wernigerode
Visiting Times jederzeit nach vorheriger Vereinbarung per E-Mail oder gleich nach der Vorlesung

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Smart Automation

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Standard period of study: 7 semesters

Start of studies: winter semester