1st International Research Week is a success

Event for European scientists is planned to continue

Approximately 30 European scientists convened at the first International Research Week at the university campus in Wernigerode from 2 to 5 May. Visitors from Portugal, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the two host universities – the Ostfalia and Harz Universities of Applied Sciences – discussed ideas and possible solutions for relevant research topics across a range of different event formats. As the event was such a success, planning has already begun for the next event.

“It was an incredible start to the ongoing communication on important societal challenges,” explains Dr Louisa Klemmer, Vice President for Academic and International Affairs. “Thanks to the interesting discussions, productive work groups, and successful networking throughout the week, the experts from across Europe were able to share a lot of their knowledge and experiences.” The researchers felt that the dialogue was inspiring, says Klemmer. “We’re optimistic that the cooperation that began here will lead to exciting research projects and initiatives down the road.”

Wide range of activities

The International Research Week mainly offered proposal workshops in which the participants were able to discuss research approaches in the areas of health, mobility, digital transformation, and sustainability. They were also able to examine questions surrounding proposals in general, as well as specific European funding programmes like Horizont Europe and ERASMUS+.

Educational activities were also available, the Ostfalia and Harz Universities of Applied Sciences presenting their own research activities as well as opportunities for research at the European level. Speakers from both universities, as well as Helene-Olesja Betuch – the delegate from Saxony-Anhalt for the European Union – spoke about trends, challenges, and opportunities for international research. The list of activities also included campus tours in Wernigerode and Wolfenbüttel, as well as communal events in the evenings.

Further meetings being planned

“It’s heartening to hear that the participants would like to continue the International Research Week format with annual or biannual meetings at our respective institutes,” beams Louisa Klemmer. “We feel that this will lead to further meaningful communication, and we’re looking forward to making this possible with our international partners.”

The International Research Week was organised by the Ostfalia and Harz Universities of Applied Sciences as part of the weR-inteR project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Author: Karoline Klimek
Image author: © Karoline Klimek
Image rights: © Hochschule Harz



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