Wernigerode castle at sunset

Three good reasons for studying at Harz University of Applied Sciences

1. The innovative study programme

Since its foundation in 1991, Harz University of Applied Sciences, as a small and dynamic educational institution, has repeatedly succeeded in picking up on trends and developments. We have aligned our study programmes with the interests of prospective students and the requirements of the market. We were one of the first educational institutions to introduce and develop tourism management, business psychology or media informatics on an academic level - since then many have followed suit, but the "original" is usually only studied in the Harz. And even today we have our finger on the pulse of the times with popular dual and part-time courses such as the Bachelor's programme Digital Administration/Public Sector IT-Management. For those who are undecided, there is also the orientation programme, which is unique in this form in Central Germany. Students who want to "try out studying" are not restricted to one subject, but can test modules from all three faculties - and also benefit from the accompanied training of study-relevant key competences.

2. The beauty of the region

It is not without reason that the Harz and the foothills of the Harz have been sought-after tourist destinations for 200 years, attracting over two million visitors each year. You can study with us where others spend their holidays. Destinations such as the Brocken, the Harz National Park, the town centres of Wernigerode or Quedlinburg and the Halberstadt Cathedral and Cathedral Treasure are not only right in front of the doorstep, but there is also an infrastructure that is otherwise missing in small towns. The special locations - be it Wernigerode or Halberstadt - are not only unparalleled throughout Germany, they also provide an anchor and a stage for studying. The intensive networking with the region ensures that our students can participate in practice-oriented projects, apply their knowledge in local companies and also find a future perspective there.

3. Strong identification with the university

Our students are not just a number - the professors know them and the staff actively support them in overcoming all hurdles. Hoodies and shirts with the university logo characterise the campus and city landscape - students wear them enthusiastically to demonstrate their sense of belonging. In one of our numerous student associations, student life outside the lecture hall can be freely organised. The study period is one of the most exciting periods of life - Harz University offers the perfect setting for this. And after a successful graduation, we see many graduates again at our annual alumni meetings.

Author: Prof. Folker Roland
Image rights: © Harz University