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Course selection: How to put together your schedule


A semester abroad is an extraordinary and unique experience for any student. You will discover what it means to live and study in a foreign country, meet new people from different cultural backgrounds, learn to speak a foreign language and master this challenge independently.

As an exchange student, you will often realise that your daily studies in Germany are very different from the systems you already know.

  • The academic year at Harz University of Applied Sciences is divided into a winter and summer semester.
  • The winter semester courses start in mid-September and the summer semester courses begin in mid-March.
  • The earliest course starts at 8:00 a.m. The last course ends at 8:15 p.m.
  • Some courses are offered as block and/or weekend seminars.
  • Examinations usually take place at the end of a semester (January/ July).

You can choose to attend a variety of courses within the nominated faculty and the matching study level (Bachelor or Master). You can therefore adapt your learning goals in line with your degree programme in order to meet the requirements of your home university.
Usually, you would complete 7 to 10 courses or 30 ECTS per semester.

We offer Bachelor and Master courses taught in German and English.

Language Proficiency

You need level B2 English skills if you want to attend courses taught in English. For courses in German you need at least B2 - C1 is even better.

Available courses

On this site you can find an overview of all course programmes open for exchange students, including course descriptions and ECTS credit points. Please note that slight changes might occur per semester. The final version of the course prospectus will be available mid-August for winter and Mid-February for summer. We will send you further information by email. Our Incoming Advisory Team will be happy to assist in putting together a suitable individual study programme.

In addition, we offer all our incoming students German as a Foreign Language courses at their personal level. Taking these courses will help you get along well in everyday life here in Germany and is strongly recommended. 

Transcript of Records

As soon as all marks are entered into the system, the International Office will issue a Transcript of Records and will send it via email to you and your home university. Afterwards, the original version will be send to your home university via regular mail. The process can take up to 2 months after examination period ends.

Grading Scale

1,0 / 1,3 1,7 / 2,0 / 2,3 2,7 / 3,0 / 3,3 3,7 / 4,0 5,0
95-100% / 90-94% 85-89% / 80-84% / 76-79% 72-75% / 68-71% / 63-67% 58-62% / 50-57% 0-49%
Very Good Good Satisfactory Sufficient Fail

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