Application for Bachelor programmes

Special deadlines for applicants with international educational qualifications

winter semester

15 June (restricted admission programmes)

31 July (admission-free study programmes)

summer semester

15 December (restricted admission programmes)

31 January (admission-free study programmes)

Your way to Harz University of Applied Sciences

For the application to a Bachelor study programme at Harz University of Applied Sciences different application portals are available. The following overview explains which portal you have to choose for your application. This applies to all applicants, regardless of their nationality.

Your school leaving certificate Application portal to be chosen
German "Abitur" obtained in Germany or acquired at a German school abroad
A higher education entrance qualification acquired abroad
A higher education entrance qualification acquired at a Studienkolleg in Germany
International Baccalaureat (IB) or GIB

1 What are the admission requirements for a Bachelor's programme?

Proof of higher education entrance qualification (HZB)


An important requirement for international applicants is to prove a so-called higher education entrance qualification. This means educational certificates from your home country which are equivalent to the German Abitur.

There are very different education systems worldwide. Not all educational certificates (school leaving certificates / proof of study periods) entitle you to study in Germany.

The evaluation of foreign certificates of education is regulated by the Central Office for Foreign Education of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States in the Federal Republic of Germany (ZAB).
The database anabin of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Federal States in the Federal Republic of Germany provides information on whether your certificates of education from your home country entitle you to study at a German university.
If your educational certificates can only be compared to the German Abitur to a limited extent, you cannot be admitted directly to a course of study. In this case, you have to attend a Studienkolleg.

Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language


German is the language of instruction and examination in all Bachelor programmes at Harz University. In order to be able to follow the lectures, verification of sufficient knowledge of the German language is required for admission to Harz University of Applied Sciences. Therefore, one of the following language certificates has to be submitted with your application documents :

  •     DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber):
        at least DSH 2
  •     TestDaF (Test German as a Foreign Language): at least 14 points, whereby TDN  3 must not be scored below in any skill.
  •     Language Diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural
        Affairs - Level 2 (DSD II)
  •     Goethe Certificate C2: Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom (GDS)
  •     successful completion of the assessment test of a Studienkolleg (preparatory college)
  •     Certificate telc German C1 University
  •     Assessment test of a Studienkolleg: examination part GERMAN
  •     Certificate of the Austrian Language Diploma C2 (ÖSD C2)

Not sufficient language skills yet? No HZB? - Visit a Studienkolleg


Applicants whose higher education entrance qualification is comparable to the German Abitur to a limited extent only or who do not provide recognised proof of German language skills cannot be admitted to a degree programme directly. These applicants must attend a Studienkolleg before their studies in order to take the "Feststellungsprüfung" ("Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung ausländischer Studienbewerber für die Aufnahme eines Studienstudien an Hochschulen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland") or a German language certificate.

Harz University does not run its own Studienkolleg. However, you can apply to the Studienkolleg at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen or one of the other Studienkollegs in Germany directly.

2. How, where and when do I apply?

How do I apply?


Regardless of their nationality, applicants with foreign educational certificates (this also includes graduates of a Studienkolleg in Germany and applicants with IB-/GIB-Diploma) need to apply via uni-assist for the desired study programme.

First you need to register in the uni-assist online portal. Then choose the study programme you want to apply for and/or our institution: "Hochschule Harz".


When do I apply?


The deadline for your application at uni-assist depends on whether you are interested in an admission-free or an admission-restricted Bachelor's programme.
Please note the specific deadlines that apply to you:

winter semester:

15th June (restricted admission programmes)
31st July (admission-free study programmes)

summer semester:

15th December (restricted admission programmes)
31st January (admission-free study programmes)

Please apply as early as possible to enable uni-assist to demand and check missing documents in due time.

Where do I apply?


Since your application is possible via uni-assist only, you need to send your application documents to the following address after submitting your online application :

Harz University of Applied Sciences
c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin


What happens after my application?


Within 4 - 6 weeks after receipt of your documents uni-assist will check both their plausibility and the fulfilment of the admission requirements.

Please note that uni-assist will not check your application until you have completed the online application and uni-assist has received both your application documents by post and the handling fees in due time.

If you are only entitled to study in Germany after having passed the Festellungsprüfung at a Studienkolleg, uni-assist will recommend you to apply to a Studienkolleg.

Admission decision by Harz University of Applied Sciences

If you meet the admission requirements, uni-assist will forward your documents to our university.
Applicants who apply for an admission-free study programme will then receive admission to the study programme directly.
The decision on admission to a degree programme with restricted admission is made through a ranking after the application deadline.

3. Which documents are to be submitted to uni-assist?

  •  Application for admission (uni-assist online-application form)
  •  Photo (passport size)
  •  Passport
  •  Curriculum vitae (complete, chronological, signed)
  •  Certificate of higher education entrance qualification and its translation (officially certified, upload and by mail to uni-assist)
  •  Proof of study periods and translation (officially certified, upload and by mail to uni-assist)
  •  Proof of knowledge of the German language (officially certified, upload and by mail to uni-assist)

For applicants with educational qualifications from India, China and Vietnam: Certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS, original mandatory or digital certificate for India and Vietnam)

Applicants for the study programmes International Tourism Studies (ITS) and International Business Studies (IBS): Proof of a study-relevant language test or the aptitude test of the Harz University of Applied Sciences.

Never submit original certificates (only exception: APS), only officially certified copies.  Your application documents will remain with uni assist for documentation purposes and will not be returned.

While applying online, it is mandatory to make sure that your personal information is completed and matches the data in your passport. This also applies to the completeness of your first and last names, to the correct spelling as well as to upper and lower case of your data.

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