Academic values

  • Teaching activities encourage students in the best way possible to acquire skills via content that is relevant to the future and appropriate forms of teaching. Students demonstrate a high level of motivation, willingness to cooperate, and personal initiative. The university helps all students achieve a high didactic standard.
  • Great importance is attached to applied research. The same applies to activities designed to transfer scientific findings and methods over to companies, public institutions and society, particularly in the local region.
  • Scientific standards and academic values form the basis of work and study at Harz University of Applied Sciences. Any misconduct in this area will not be tolerated and will be subject to penalties.
  • Comprehensive quality management helps to further develop research, teaching and internal processes.
  • All members of Harz University of Applied Sciences represent the university both internally and externally in committed, professional and loyal form.
  • Academic administrative autonomy allows the university to independently make key decisions, particularly those relating to its own development.