Sustainability - Operating guidelines

  • We believe that prevention is more important than cure. We make use of services such as operational health management and university sport. We encourage healthy behaviour: in the event of illness, we wait until we have completely recovered.
  • We support each other. We are friendly, mindful, and act in a way that ensures the well-being of all.
  • Our daily actions are based on our environmental policy guidelines. We make sensible use of resources (e.g. the ‘everyday hero’ campaign), promote biodiversity (e.g. beekeeping, flower strips) and implement our sustainable procurement guidelines.
  • We incorporate aspects of sustainability into teaching, research and student initiative activities, as well as into all other areas of the university.
  • We conduct lively exchange to reflect upon, discuss and shape our standpoints and our conduct as regards sustainable development.
  • Target-group-oriented information events, continuing education events, workshops and training sessions on the topic of sustainability are held regularly.
  • We incorporate students and employees into all of the university’s sustainable development processes.
  • We comprehensively lay the foundations to enable all aspects of sustainability to be experienced and supported and to allow everyone to take personal responsibility.
  • We promote sustainability-related activities (e.g. family-friendly university, TauschRausch, Solar e.V.), bolster personal initiative among university members, and value engagement.