Content Management System

The CMS (in German) (Content Management System) enables collaborative creation and editing of our university website, without any knowledge of HTML or XML programming.

Available for:

Lecturers, employees


Main features:

The CMS of the Harz University of Applied Sciences is based on TYPO3 (in German). With the "pen view", the frontend can be edited intuitively, and in the backend, there are further editing functions.



The CMS enables collaborative work on the homepage at different editor levels. The authors can also use the system without a knowledge of HTML or XML programming.



You need an active user ID of the Harz University of Applied Sciences (m-number, password) and a web browser that is compatible with the CMS version. In addition, you need an authorized access to TYPO3.


How to:

Log in with your m-number. Click under "my area" on the edit symbol (see tile on the right). This allows you to edit in the frontend with the "pen view ". You can exit the edit mode by clicking on the Exit button in the lower right corner.


Via Dashboard -> Edit MySite you can navigate back to the desired page. Editors with permissions in the backend can access it via Dashboard -> TYPO3.


Please note:

The login is done via the Single Sign-On-Server Shibboleth and is valid until the browser is completely closed. During this time, you are automatically logged in to other systems connected to Shibboleth, e.g. Stud.IP or LSF.