Virtual PCs (VMware Client)

The VMware (Horizon) View Client is used to virtualize the personal desktop from home or on the road to enable external work. The View Client is available for all common platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

Available for:

Students, exchange students, international students, visiting students, employees



Main features:

A virtual working environment (in German) is provided. This virtual environment is accessible from your regular location PC and also via the Zero Clients (in German) in the university.




The client (in German) enables location-independent working on a virtual PC. Standard software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. can be used. In addition, location-independent access to the personal Y-drive is possible.




You need an active user ID of the Harz University of Applied Sciences, the VMware Horizon View Client for the respective operating system and an Internet connection.



How to:

Downloading the VMware View Client for your own end device is done via the website of VMware, Inc.


For installation, follow the instructions in the VMware Horizon Client installation document.


The connection servers:

If you want to access all virtual pools from inside the university network, use this address:

If you want to access virtual pools from outside the university network, please first use the VPN Connection, and then open the VMware Horizon Client and use the address: