StuRa Offerings

Support services

Are you under constant pressure? Are you stressed?

Need someone to talk to or maybe even someone who really knows the subject? We are here for you! Write to us, whether to the whole StuRa or the StuRaner:in for student affairs. We'll be happy to help you or refer you to the right people!
Did you know that the Studentenwerk Magdeburg has a psycho-social counseling center? And it's completely free of charge!

You have problems with lecturers?

Feel free to contact us in confidence! Of course, your concerns will remain anonymous. We will contact the lecturer concerned and try to find a solution.
More in the accordeon on this site named "Problems with Lecturers/ Grading"

You have financial worries?

We know who you can turn to.

Barbecue area reservation

Our barbecue area is located on the campus of the university in Wernigerode, near the pond. A beautiful place for cozy barbecue evenings. This is how you can reserve the barbecue area online:

1. search date

2. write a mail: grillplatz(at) (NEW as of April 2024)

3. read the rules of the barbecue area: Grillplatzordnung

4. celebrate!

Problems with Lecturers/ Grading

You have a conflict with a lecturer? You feel unfairly treated or unfairly graded?

We will support you in dealing with your request. If you fear disadvantages (e.g. because of upcoming exams, later courses, etc.), we will treat your concern anonymously. We, the StuRa, the FaRa VW or possibly existing mentors or year representatives, can then present this on your behalf in order to find a solution.

Feel free to contact us ( or the FaRa VW (

Our procedure for clarification

1. direct conversation with the lecturer.

  • If there is no solution (!), then continue with 2.

2. talk to the responsible coordinator of the study program.

  • If there is no solution here (!), then continue with 3.

3. contact the responsible vice dean for studies and teaching.
Currently these are Prof. Dr. Stolzenburg (Faculty of Automation and Computer Science), Prof. Dr. Beyer (Faculty of Business Studies), and Prof. Dr. Goos (Faculty of Administrative Sciences).

  • If no solution is found here (!), then continue with 4.

4. discuss the problem with the prorector for studies and teaching, Prof. Dr. Klemmer.

In case of discrimination, you/we can contact the Equal Opportunity Office (together) for further assistance.


You need participants for your survey?

Write to the infoletter!

How such a contribution should look like, you can see here: Infoletter.

Publication of job advertisements

We regularly receive job advertisements from companies which we publish for you on the bulletin board in Stud.IP.

Just take a look!

Initiatives – new foundation

You want to start your own Initiative?

You must be at least three people and have a clear goal for your new Initiative. Then contact us and introduce yourselves briefly.
If you now show in the following six months that you are active, stick to it and if possible win more members, you can be officially recognized as an Initiative after this time in a StuRa meeting.

As a recognized Initiative you will receive a starting budget of 500€ from the StuRa and can apply for financial support for events or projects.

Just contact us if you want to know more.

Barbecue Area