Next StuRa meeting


You want to be at the meeting?

Send us an e-mail to by the evening before the meeting and we will send you the access data for the Zoom meeting. But don't forget: the whole meeting will be held in german!

What does TOP actually mean?

TOP is the abbreviation for TagesOrdnungsPunkt. These are the individual topics on the agenda that are dealt with during a meeting. Smaller concerns are dealt with under Miscellaneous. We publish the agenda (if you are logged in, you will see the one for the next meeting further down on this website!) so you all know what will be discussed at the meeting. You can attend any meeting in the public part as a member of the student body and speak up on topics that interest you. We welcome every guest and especially constructive feedback/opinions!

Non-public part of the meeting

It is also possible to participate in the non-public part of the meeting. For this you have to make a reasoned request during the meeting (verbally is sufficient). Afterwards, a vote will be taken and if your request is approved by a majority, you can either be present for a specific agenda item (TOP) or for the entire non-public part.


Contact us, if you want to know when the next meeting is.