Accessing e-books from your home office


- Click the blue link under the title

- A button in dark grey will appear at the top right of the title page „Sign up / Login“

- After pushing this button, you see a light blue field

- Enter your University email-address and password

- Go to the second option from the bottom „Login via Shibboleth or Athens“

- At the new screen at the right site, choose „Or, find your institution (via Shibboleth)“

- Enter „Hochschule Harz“

- Choose „Login via Shibboleth“



- The message "You do not have access rights to this title" appears

- Activate the avatar or the button "Login" in the upper right corner

- On the bottom left "Login via Shibboleth" appears

- Then activate the option "Login via Shibboleth"

- Now authenticate with your employee number or your u-number and password

- It is now possible to work with the e-book


Beck / Vahlen / Nomos

- Activate the blue login button in the top right corner of the title page

- Select "Access via Shibboleth" in the centre of the pop-up window, highlighted in blue

- A pop-up window will now appear, here select the pull-down menu in the "Institutions" field

- Scroll to "Hochschule Harz"

- Select "Hochschule Harz

- Then authenticate with your employee number or u-number and password

- It is now possible to access and work with the e-book

- Click on the desired chapter in the menu on the side, the provider allows chapter by chapter access


De Gruyter / Oldenbourg

- Click on the link in the blue background in the bottom line of the title

- Activate the avatar on the top right of the front page

- Now select the option "Log in"

- Activate the blue highlighted option "Login via your institution"

- Enter "HS Harz" in the input field

- Press the arrow pointing to the right

- Now you can authenticate yourself with employee number or u-number and password

- On the publisher's website, the desired work can be searched for using, for example, title keywords and author's name

- Works with the open padlock symbol are unlocked for members of the Hochschule Harz

- Chapter by chapter download is now possible


Erich Schmidt Verlag / ESVcampus

- Access by VPN client