Mascot "Absolvente" on the beach

Our mascot "Absolvente" on a voyage of adventure

A globetrotter from the Harz Mountains

It is setting out to discover the world – the yellow mascot of the Harz University of Applied Sciences has travelled a lot in recent weeks. This means that this little duck also stands for openness to the world, wanderlust and an international outlook.

When the suitcases are packed, it is usually there without fail: yellow, eager to discover and wearing a graduate hat, it has travelled almost half way around the world. The rubber duck from the Harz has already squealed with joy in Norway, Japan or Australia. Committed students and members of staff take it with them on their travels. It has posed on motorcycles, by the sea or near cuddly koalas.

On the social media channels of the university you can find many holiday greetings from all over the world. Together with important information on degree programmes and interesting facts from the university world, which are also published here, contributions from our long-distance traveller enjoy a lot of popularity. Thus, this secret "social media star" of the Harz University of Applied Sciences is, at the same time, an ambassador for openness to the world and an international outlook.

Many outgoing exchange students have the duck in their luggage when they start their semester abroad. In the winter semester 2021/22, 73 students study at a partner university, e.g. in the USA, France or Norway.

The photo album will soon be filled with new snapshots. If you would like to take part, you are welcome to send pictures of the “Absolvente” to: onlineredaktion(at)

Travel Album

Author: Mandy Ebers
Image author: © Harz University
Image rights: © Harz University