Psychological advice for all students of the Harz University of Applied Sciences

Problems and over-demand situations can arise not only during the examination period, but also in everyday studies or in dealings with partners, parents, lecturers and friends that students do not feel able to cope with.

The fact that this is neither personal failure nor a sign of weakness is an important fact, which fortunately is now recognized and accepted by large parts of society. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to find targeted help or the fear of this step is too great. The Harz University of Applied Sciences wants to change that.

In cooperation with the Studentenwerk Magdeburg and the Diakonie Krankenhaus Harz in Elblingerode, professional psychological individual advice on individual problems for all students is therefore offered.

Online consultations are currently possible.

Please make an appointment for the consultation by email at psb.harz(at)


Contact person: Mareen Eisenblätter, Dipl.-Psych.


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