Campus login

The authorization at the Harz University of Applied Sciences is done via the issued user account (u-number for students or m-number for employees and the corresponding password). With this user ID, all members of the Harz University of Applied Sciences can log in to the various services and use them.

With the campus login based on the software Shibboleth (in German) a simplification of the registration routines is aimed at. This is done by Single Sign-On (in German) for all services.

The following Terms of Use (in German) apply to the campus login.

Campus login Harz University of Applied Sciences

The authentication structure (in German) for the services within the university is administered in a separate federation. Services that work with the campus login are among others:


LSF online portal

STS (Service Ticket System)

HISinONE project homepage


Please note:

A campus login session will not be closed completely until you close your browser.

Campus login DFN-AAI

Since 2008 the Harz University of Applied Sciences is a member of the DFN-AAI (in German) Federation. The identity provider (in German) is responsible for the identification. Thus services of other institutions can be used.

When authorizing a third-party service, user information is requested in the background. By logging in the user agrees that the Harz University of Applied Sciences may forward requested user information (attributes) to the service provider.