The Harz University of Applied Sciences offers students free or discounted software. In addition, you can find recommendations for external programmes here.

Mozilla Firefox


The browser Mozilla Firefox offers simple operation and a multitude of expansion options through add-ons. In addition, Firefox is customizable and offers a high level of data protection. The popularity of Firefox is due to the fact that it is not subject to large corporations such as Microsoft or Google.

Adobe Reader


Since many documents and forms are available in PDF format, a PDF viewer should be available. We recommend the free Adobe Reader.

DFN organizer


The organizer of the German Research Network is a tool for coordinating appointments. This service is available free of charge to participants of the German Research Network  (see glossary, in German). The scheduler is easy to use and can be created in just three clicks.

DFN Web Conference - Adobe Connect

A web conference is a meeting organized on the Internet between participants who work together on documents, make presentations or use or introduce applications. All participants can follow what is currently taking place on the moderator's desktop. The moderator's role can be changed flexibly during the session.

Further information can be found on the IT Service Centre homepage under Conference Systems (in German)



This small text editor with syntax highlighting is a good replacement for the Windows standard editor and thus simplifies working with many programming languages.

vServer SSH (encrypted network connection)


For the secure transfer of data to vServer. You can use Putty or WINSCP to do this. Both programs are available free of charge on the respective websites.



To connect to the university network, use the Forticlient (see glossary, in German), further information can be found here (in German).



GigaMove offers the possibility to exchange large files easily and quickly, which cannot be sent as email attachments due to their size.

With GigaMove data can be provided or requested. Each person has 10GB of memory space available. GigaMove also automatically scans uploaded files for viruses.