Leave of absence, exmatriculation

Leave of absence

How to apply for a leave of absence

(Extract from the Harz University of Applied Sciences’ regulations on enrolment dated 22/05/2019)

Upon written application during the first month of the semester, and later in justified exceptional cases, students may be granted a leave of absence if there are important grounds for doing so.

This leave of absence is permitted per programme for full semesters only. In general, students can only take a leave of absence for two semesters during the course of a degree programme.

Important grounds include:

  • Health reasons
  • Additional study visit abroad
  • Pregnancy or family care responsibilities
  • Additional work placement, practical work or temporary employment
  • Approved voluntary work
  • Preparation for an external examination
  • Other reasons

A leave of absence will not be granted:

  • Before beginning studies
  • For the first study semester
  • Retrospectively for past semesters
  • Upon new enrolment in a higher study semester

Students retain their rights and obligations as a member of Harz University of Applied Sciences during the leave of absence.

A semester of leave is considered to be a university semester, but not a study semester.

The application must include suitable proof of the reason for the leave of absence.

The application deadlines are published in the academic calendar.

The application form is available from the document centre. Please submit the completed form to the Admission and Registrar's Office.

Termination of enrolment

Membership of Harz University of Applied Sciences ends upon termination of enrolment. Termination of enrolment is by application or is officially ordered. You can terminate your enrolment at any time by applying in writing, but retrospective termination of enrolment is not permitted. Termination of enrolment takes place at the time requested, or unless otherwise stated, at the end of the current semester. If termination of enrolment is completed on 28/02 or 31/08 (end of semester), an application for reimbursement can be submitted up to 31/03 or 30/09.

For termination of enrolment from 01/03 or 01/09 onwards, no application for reimbursement may be submitted (see contribution regulations for the Magdeburg student services organisation).

The application to terminate enrolment should be handed or sent to the Admission and Registrar's Office at Harz University of Applied Sciences.

Upon successful termination, a certificate of termination of enrolment will be issued.

Further information can be found in Harz University of Applied Sciences’ regulations on enrolment, and in the Higher Education Act for the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

The application form is available from the document centre.

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