New University Sports Centre

New University Sports Centre in Wernigerode

Construction is in full swing

Since the beginning of July, things have been a little noisier on the green area next to the "Paper Mill" (house 9) in Wernigerode. The reason for this is that a new fitness and gymnastics centre is being built on the university campus.

This modern sports centre will complement the university's sports programme in the future. The ground floor will contain sanitary and changing areas as well as offices. On the upper floor, there will be a large, light-filled fitness and gymnastics area. The building is rounded off by floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a view of the outside, as well as a small outdoor terrace for relaxing.

Jens Bathge, project manager for new construction projects at Harz University of Applied Sciences, emphasizes in particular the building's accessibility: "There will be an elevator and, in addition, attention will be paid to ensuring that all doors are wider than 90 cm. So the building will be accessible to everyone without any problems."

Sustainability as a key element

Shortly before the end of the summer semester, the groundbreaking ceremony was held on the future contact point for all sports-loving students. As with the construction of the new Campus Centre, this building concept is characterized by sustainability: "One of the key aspects of sustainable construction is the upper floor, which is made of local and certified wood," explains Bathge. This ensures a healthy indoor climate in addition to a special flair. 

Furthermore, attention is being paid to ensuring that materials with the appropriate quality seal - such as the "Blue Angel" - are used in the construction, which are not harmful to health. At the same time, a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof, as well as mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a heat pump.

The finalization of the new two-story building is expected at the end of December 2023; the construction costs are about 2.2 million euros, which will come from the so-called Higher Education Pact funds. The project manager is looking forward to when the new University Sports Centre can go into operation and replace the old fitness area in the basement of house 2.

As with the "Campus Centre" construction project, progress can be followed via a webcam that has been set up. This camera photographs the construction every 15 minutes, so that the spectacle can be seen from anywhere and at any time.

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Author: Anna König
Image author: © Harz University
Image rights: © Harz University



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