Digital learning - Information for students

Harz University of Applied Sciences currently has two IT systems for organising your studies - timetables, exam registration, access to grades, etc. (HISinOne is currently in an introductory process lasting several years):

  • LSF - for most degree programmes at Harz University of Applied Sciences, further information can be found here.
  • HISinOne - for the programmes Business Administration (part time degree programme for professionals), Technology and Innovation Management (German track), Technology and Innovation Management (English track), Digital Administration/Public Sector IT-Management as well as programmes of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences according to study regulations 2020, further information can be found here (in German).

For the organisation of courses we use the following platforms, which are described in detail below:

  • Stud.IP: Administration of courses by lecturers, digital communication and provision of learning materials
  • Zoom: Conducting online courses and collaborative work
  • ILIAS: learning management system of the university to provide teaching and self-learning materials, tests, exercises and digital exams

You can find an overview of the services of our IT Service Centre and the available software products here (in German). If you want to work from home on your personal desktop, please use the VMware Client.

For instructions on how to use the library's digital resources, see "E-books from your home workstation" (in German).

The site is currently being updated constantly. Please contact the TeachingLab for information on additions and improvements. 


In Stud.IP you can find all courses of a semester. Please be sure to register for all courses you wish to attend. As long as there is no classroom teaching, the participant lists in Stud.IP are the only way for lecturers to contact you. Stud.IP also serves to provide learning materials such as lecture notes or lecture recordings. Once you have registered for the courses, you will also find a timetable with the lecture times.

Operation and functionalities


Security and privacy

Stud.IP runs on the servers of our IT Service Centre. You can log in with your university account.




Online courses of Harz University of Applied Sciences are conducted via the platform Zoom. To participate in online courses you do not need a Zoom Account. If you would like to use Zoom yourself, you can register for Zoom yourself with your university account using the Single Sign-On.

First steps

Licences and scope of functions

Harz University of Applied Sciences has a limited number of full licences, which are to be used primarily for teaching. If you need a licence to hold meetings, working group sessions or similar, please contact your lecturer.


Security and privacy

There are numerous reports on the Internet about alleged and real security and data protection problems of Zoom, some of which are obviously false. The default settings of the university accounts are configured in such a way that, if handled correctly, all known problems are excluded.

The commissioning of Zoom to provide IT services is carried out in accordance with the specifications of the DSGVO on the basis of an order processing contract. We refer to the detailed information on data protection when using Zoom (in German) and the Zoom privacy guidelines.

The university's data protection officer has approved the use of Zoom and agrees on further aspects with the DPOs of the state and the other universities. The legal assessment of Zoom's data protection is based on the legal expertise of Stephan Hansen-Oest (in German).

On the system side, the settings for the users of our university, which were previously considered critical from the point of view of data protection, have been deactivated or the corresponding protective functions activated. 



ILIAS is the learning management system of Harz University of Applied Sciences. ILIAS enables the digital provision of teaching and learning materials in connection with small-scale learning reviews and tests as well as the digital execution of exams.

If materials are available in ILIAS for your course, you can access ILIAS directly from Stud.IP via the menu item "Learning modules" in the command line.

You can find out more about ILIAS in the ILIAS manual for students (in German).


PlagScan is a useful tool for students at the Hochschule Harz. The following video shows you how to use the PlagScan software to check your term papers, bachelor and master theses for possible plagiarism before submission. You can register yourself via Single Sign On with your university student account at and use the software without restrictions.



If you have physical or mental handicaps that interfere with your learning - especially with digital teaching and learning - the university may be able to offer you individual help. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Regina Bernhardt, the university's Representative for Students and Staff with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses.