(including for students on a leave of absence)

All students enrolled at the university who are planning to continue their studies during the next semester must re-register within a set time frame.

The re-registration period for the next semester is published within the university in good time via the academic calendar.

If no response has been received by the re-registration deadline, the student receives one reminder and their enrolment is then terminated at the end of the semester. Your status as a student ends at the point when your enrolment is terminated.

Once you have completed your studies at Harz University of Applied Sciences (e.g. you finish your degree), you must apply to terminate your enrolment.

Once you have successfully re-registered, please take responsibility for updating your student ID card.

You re-register online via SEPA direct debit.

Late re-registration

If students fail to re-register or re-registers late at their own fault, a late fee will be charged in accordance with the General Schedule of Fees for the State of Saxony-Anhalt (link in German). This currently amounts to an additional €10.30 on top of semester contributions.


Changes to personal information

Any change of health insurance provider or changes to term-time or home address and other personal information must be reported to the university upon re-registration at the latest.

Re-registration by post only in exceptional cases!

Re-registration by post using a paper form is only permitted in exceptional cases (work placement semester, semester on leave, illness)!

In order to do so, you can:

  • Deputise someone else or
  • Attach a copy of the proof of payment to the form and send it to the Admission and Registrar's Office.
  • You must re-register in advance. This requires the re-registration form to be submitted to the Admission and Registrar's Office along with the payment receipt. 

Forms for re-registration by post (visible after Login):

Please note that the chip card updating stations now only offer the following functions:

  • Initial activation of student ID card
  • Extending chip card validity

Chip card updating station locations:

  • In Wernigerode – building 4, room 4.217 and building 9 on first floor
  • In Halberstadt – building N – entrance area

If you have any problems, your relevant administrators in the Admission and Registrar's Office would be happy to help.

Annett Krampitz


Admission and Registrar´s Office
Tel +49 3943 659 129
Room 4.056, Haus 4, Wernigerode
Visiting Times Mo.-Fr. 9.30 -11.30 Uhr und Mo.-Mi. 13.30 -14.30 Uhr