The City of Halberstadt

Just 20 kilometres from Wernigerode, the old Episcopal town of Halberstadt in the northern foothills of the Harz, looks back upon 1,200 years of history. Today, Halberstadt – the “gateway to the Harz” – counts about 40,000 inhabitants. Sacred buildings such as the Romanesque Liebfrauenkirche (church of our lady) or the high gothic St. Stephanus cathedral characterise the silhouette of the town on the “Romantic Road”.  

Nowadays, the Department of Public Management of the Harz University of Applied Sciences is located at the Domplatz (cathedral square) which extends from the foot of the cathedral. In close proximity and just as well-known, is the church of St. Martini with its two towers of unequal height. History in stone, famous works of art, multifaceted cultural attractions as well as modern recreational facilities provide the opportunity for very special experiences.  

Halberstadt offers various opportunities for students to spend their free time. The heritage park Spiegelsberge with zoo and hunting lodge, which features Germany’s second largest wine barrel in its cellar, provides an oasis of calm and relaxation.  

The wide range of recreational and entertainment programs provide opportunities to spend the evening in a lively and multifaceted landscape of pubs, cafes and restaurants.    

The student managed “Café Canapé” – in the immediate vicinity of the university – has become a popular meeting place Halberstadt’s idyllic Old Town.