IT Service Centre – general questions

When are the office hours of the IT Service Centre?

We are at your service at the following times. Appointments can also be made at other times or with the individual employees.

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 - 15:30

Friday: 9:00 - 13:00


Where can I find the IT Service Centre?

The IT Service Centre is located in house 9 on the top floor of the northern wing.

Information about all services of the IT Service Centre can be found here.

Please send enquiries, applications and malfunction reports to the IT Service Centre:

- Service Ticket System (STS)

For help using PCs we recommend the student service CH!P (What is CH!P?)

Password | Campus - Login

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Students receive a new password from Info-Point.

Employees receive a new password from Human Resources.


My password is no longer secure. What should I do?

Please contact the Admission and Registrar´s Office to request a new password.


Where can I change my automatically generated password to one I have chosen personally?

Go to and log in. Under User information -> Change password you can assign a password yourself.


How do I re-register for the new semester?

Log in to the LSF Portal via: -> Login -> My Area -> LSF -> Examination Administration -> Pay & Re-register


I get an error message when I try to re-register! What should I do?

Create a ticket in the Service Ticket System (category: LSF Online Portal) and describe your problem and the error message in as much detail as possible.

E-Mail Service

What’s a mailbox?

The Postbox-Webmailer is an e-mail system used at the Harz University of Applied Sciences. With this Webmailer you can receive your e-mails, open them and send new messages. Click here to go to your mailbox.


What is Webmail?

Webmail is the term used to describe services in the World Wide Web that enable the administration of E-Mails with a web browser. You can use the University's Webmail application to edit your e-mails. See Mailbox.


Where can I view my e-mails?

The e-mails can be viewed with the Postbox-Webmailer. You can access it via the internet at the following address:, or via the website of the Harz University of Applied Sciences after logging in under My Area -> Webmail.


I cannot send e-mails as soon as my system is connected to the university network

This is because ports for the SMTP service, which are required for sending e-mails, are blocked. There are two ways to send e-mails from your account: You can use the Webmailer of the respective account or enter the mail server of the university [] as outgoing mail server for the accounts.


Can I set up a notification of absence for my e-mail account?

You can create a notification of absence for your e-mail address in the Postbox-Webmailer. Log in the and go to the menu item Settings -> Not in the office.


When will my e-mail account be deactivated after my exmatriculation?

The e-mail account will still be valid for one more semester, after that it will be deleted without prior notice.


So far, I have administered the mail group, but now Professor Doe is to take over the coordination. How can the owner be changed?

Please log in to Select the functions Contacts -> Distribution list -> Edit distribution list -> Distribution list properties -> Add list owner -> Save


How do I detect phishing emails?

For more information, please see our "Phishing Mails Detection" page (in German).


What is the CH!P?

The CH!P is the computer Helpdesk of the Harz University. It supports the students in their daily use with their PCs, notebooks, the PC pools and the corresponding printing system as well as the university network. Furthermore, CH!P members offer various courses on relevant topics. Additional information can be found on the CH!P-Homepage or simply drop by the office in person: House 4, Room 4.216.

What are the tasks of the CH!P?

The specific tasks of the CH!P include among others: Assistance with problems around PC, Notebook and Smartphone, IT introduction courses and support of the PC-Pools.

WLAN, Eduroam

I would like to set up Wireless LAN, how do I do it?

The WLAN offers wireless access to the university network. Authorized access is made via Eduroam. Registration (authentication) takes place via user name and password of the home institution. A realm ( is attached to the user name to differentiate between users. The authentication request is then automatically forwarded to the home institution.

Data storage Y-drive

What is the Y-drive?

The Y-drive is a personal file directory that is created for each employee and student of the HS Harz during recruitment or enrolment.


Can I save my own data on a central server?

Yes, you can do this via the home directory (Y-drive) of the university. You must include the drive in your Explorer and can then use it as storage space


Can I access the home directory from home?

Yes, but first you have to install the VPN client on your computer. The VPN establishes a secure connection to the university network, after which you can integrate your Y-drive in the Explorer as usual. Further information can be found here (VPN Client for external work) (in German).


My Y-drive has been locked because it's too full. Now I have freed up space, when can I use it again?

As soon as you are below the storage space limit, you can immediately use the Y-drive again.


Can I increase the storage space of my Y-drive?

No, this is generally not possible. Currently, users cannot set individual storage space limits.

Computer Labs

Where is the computer lab located?

The computer lab is located in house 4 in room 4.206.


There is a problem with a computer/computer component in the Computer-Lab. Who should I contact?

Create a ticket in the Service Ticket System (category: : Computer Lab). The problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Hall of residence network


I live in a hall of residence and cannot play certain online games. What can I do?

Internet access is subject to the firewall rules of the HUAS. It is possible that certain ports, which are needed for an online game, are not activated. Ports can be opened on request. If you need access for study reasons, please contact your responsible lecturer, who can then apply for a (temporary) activation.


Guest account

Why are guest accounts needed?

Guest accounts are assigned to external parties. These are, for example, visitors to trade fairs and projects, or pupils and school classes, if they use the university's services. Guest accounts are also awarded to lecturers hired by the Transfer Centre to take over lectures.


How do I apply for a guest account?

The Service Ticket System contains an application form for guest accounts. Please fill out this form and submit it to the IT Service Centre

Printer/Scanner/Copy machine

The printer cartridges in the printer are empty or the printer no longer works!

Issue a New Ticket (category: Print & Scan) with the description of the problem. An employee of the IT Service Centre will contact you promptly to resolve the problem.


Why does my account have the fax number 004939436595***?

The fax number is directly related to the digital fax system and is set automatically.

Domain registration

I would like to reserve a domain for a project of the HS Harz. Who should I contact?
You can apply for this. You will find the application form in the Service Ticket System.


I would like to offer my project online. Is it possible to provide a subdomain and appropriate storage space for the software?

Applications for a subdomain and a server can be found in the Service Ticket System.