Basic Support for Cooperative Work

The BSCW is a groupware that enables and supports the collaboration of several users on the Internet or Intranet. No special platform or software is required for this, you only need a normal web browser and internet connection.

Available for:

Students, lecturers, employees, externals



Main features:

The BSCW (in German) allows several users to collaborate in groups via the university network. Schedules and tasks can be created and there is storage space for shared documents.




Documents can be edited and versioned together. In addition, the support offers comprehensive rights management.




You need an active user ID of the HS Harz (u-number or m-number) and access to the university network/ internet. In addition, JavaScript (in German) and cookies (in German) must be activated in the web browser.



How to:

Go to the website with the address Then log in to the system with your personal user ID.


External users must complete an application in order to use the BSCW: Application for external users (in German).



Click here (in German) for a description of BSCW and how to set up a workspace.