IT services for the start of your studies

Upon enrolment you will receive a username, the so-called u-number, and a password. These will be used for authorization at the university.


Please note that the passwords are changed every six months, at the beginning of each semester. Your first password sent with the certificate of enrolment is valid until the end of the semester.


With your user details you can use various IT services. The most important IT services for the start of your studies are explained below.


By using any of the given IT services, you accept the user regulations (in German) of the IT Service Centre.


All students are provided with an e-mail inbox and an e-mail address.


The browser-based portal "Webmail" used at the university, also known as Postbox, is accessible via the homepage of the Harz University of Applied Sciences after logging in under "My Area”.


The e-mail address you receive from the university will be used for official communications. If you use forwarding, please make sure that the settings are correct, including your private e-mail account, to ensure that the forwarded e-mail is received. 

Course schedule

You will find your course schedule in the campus management system HIS-LSF. The HIS-LSF online portal offers students, professors, employees and guests of the Harz University of Applied Sciences a common web portal for study management:


- Retrieval/ printout of course schedules, performance records and study-relevant notification
- Access to the module descriptions
- Overview of the entire range of courses
- Administration of personal details
- Online registration for examinations
- Online re-registration and semester contribution payment
- Contact details of lecturers and employees


Students of Digital Administration/Public Sector IT-Management, Business Consulting and Technology and Innovation Management (English track), please use the service via the new HISinOne portal to access their course schedules.

Stud.IP: Registration for lectures/courses

You can register for lectures/courses, download detailed information and scripts/course material in the Stud.IP teaching management system.


Stud.IP is an internet-based teaching management system with a communication platform for students and lecturers to organize their studies and teaching. It offers, amongst others, the following possibilities:


- Access to teaching materials such as scripts/course materials
- Registration for events, such as seminars, tutorials, sports courses, etc.
- Create study groups as learning platforms
- Create a personal course schedule
- Discussion forums
- Bulletin board

Network access

The university offers you wireless access to the university network via the wireless network resp. WLAN (abbreviation for Wireless Local Area Network). Access is authorised via Eduroam.


eduroam® is a global service that gives you not only access to the Internet in your own facilities, but also in other scientific institutions (universities, scientific institutes).


- Campus-wide wireless access to the university network and IT services
- Access also from other participating institutions/universities
- Authentication at the university with user name and password is encrypted

Network access in the hall of residence

Access to the hall of residence network is an integral part of the tenancy agreement with the Studentenwerk Magdeburg for enroled students in the hall of residence on the campus in Wernigerode. The connection is provided for one device. The residents of the housing complex "Wüstenteichen" contact the company Heuer & Sack for the use of the network.

PC workstations

The IT Service Centre provides 16 PC workstations in each of the computer labs in rooms 4.206 and 4.210 in building 4 (campus Wernigerode). You will also find PC workstations in the libraries in Wernigerode and Halberstadt.


These offer you the possibility to use various software packages such as Microsoft Office 2007 with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project 2003. Furthermore, multifunctional devices for printing and copying are available in the buildings of the university.

Details about the computer lab (in German)


If you have any questions or difficulties in using the IT services, the student staff at CH!P will be happy to help you.


The CH!P, with its student members, is subordinated to the IT Service Centre as a sub-unit and essentially supports the students with the following free services:


- Support of the computer labs (rooms 4.206 and 4.210)
- Realization of user courses on popular topics such as LSF, Stud.IP, Excel
- Assistance with problems around your PC, Notebook, Smartphone
- uncomplicated clarification of IT questions
- Individual assistance


The IT Service Centre is also available to answer technical questions. Please use the Service Ticket System to contact the IT Service Centre.




Details about the Service Ticket System (in German)


Link to the Service Ticket System