Research Fields

International Research Week - Tackling global challenges together

The first International Research Week is a chance to showcase the different research fields of international researcher from europe. 

The topic of our participants this week are covering following research interdisciplinary areas:


· Environmental protection

· Hydraulic engineering

· Supply engineering

· Energy technology

· Biotechnology

Digital Transformation

· Robotics

· Recycling 4.0

· Industry 4.0

· Postdigital Participation

· IT Security

· Data analysis


· Electromobility

· Environmental technology

· Battery technology

· E-air compressor

· μ-Gas Turbine NanoXCT


· Health economics and health services research

· Nursing and health services research

· Human resources in the health and social economy

· Education in the health and care professions and professionalization of the health professions

· Robotics in nursing