• Programm- und Datenstrukturen
  • Algorithmen
  • Objektorientierte Programmierung
  • Formale Methoden
  • Graphentheorie
  • Konzepte von Programmiersprachen
  • Theoretische Informatik
  • Programmgenerierung
  • Funktionale Programmierung in OPAL, ML, HASKELL und GOFER


Informationen zu den laufenden Veranstaltungen

siehe studip.hs-harz.de


As an aside I would like to insert a warning to those who identify the difficulty of the programming task with the struggle against the inadequacies of our current tools, because they might conclude that, once our tools will be much more adequate, programming will no longer be a problem. Programming will remain very difficult, because once we have freed ourselves from the circumstantial cumbersomeness, we will find ourselves free to tackle problems that are now well beyond our programming capacity.  

E. W. Dijkstra (1987), The Humble Programmer