Association for Internationalization of Education and Science
(North Macedonia)

INTER-EDU was founded as a regional organization to foster a greater degree of cooperation among countries in relation to relevant sectorial policies and to European integration issues. INTER-EDU works in the field of socioeconomic policy, focusing on internationalization and modernization in education and science in alignment with related national and EU horizontal polities, particularly gender equality and good governance. The principle activities of INTER-EDU are towards strengthening and improving the education and science through internationalization, sharing of best practices and networking, that is: activities at national and international educational and scientific projects, participation and organization of conferences, seminars and symposia and summer schools. Our activities focus on strategic advice on development, implementation and evaluation of science policy and our mission is to stimulate high-quality research, and to increase the recruitment capacity.

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Marijana Dimitrova

FARM project coordinator at INTER-EDU

Field of expertise: English linguistics/ Business of Food

Within the FARM project Marijana Dimitrova engages in project management and implementation, preparation of the FARM project intellectual outputs, communication and reporting.