(Intellectual Outputs)

The scope of the FARM project is on a systematic overview of existing Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Decision Support System (DSS) tools in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) that support crop farming, precision livestock farming, climate and quality control and farm management.

For this purpose, existing systems were analyzed, summarized and merged into one dashboard. In addition, two prototypes were developed that will help in achieving better efficiency, development as well as improving the quality of decision making in ARD. Finally, training material including recommendations for the various interest groups were created.

The results, which are also called intellectual outputs, were grouped into four categories. The following overview provides background information and download material. The video of the Final Dissemination Event (8th December 2022) also offers a comprehensive overview.

1 - An online map and dashboard of European ICT and DSS Hotspots

Due to the different ICT developments in the Agriculture Rural Development, a comprehensive inventory is necessary. Many regions within Europe are comparable and allow methods that have already been tested to be adopted. For small and medium-sized agricultural companies in particular, it is necessary to obtain an easily accessible overview, which first shows existing developments and makes them tangible in the next step. There is no prepared and well-structured solution within the ARD, which offers all stakeholders the opportunity to get information quickly and in full. Therefore within this output an interactive dashboard was created that represents the most relevant European ICT and DSS hotspots that were identified during this first project phase. Only the most important data are initially recorded on the map and made available to the user. With the help of this dashboard, agricultural businesses have quick access to the market and will learn which tools are already in use and can get a comprehensive picture.

Visit the dashboard here: DSS Hotspots for Agriculture in Europe


► Development of IO 1
► Dashboard Poster

2 - An online catalogue on the existing ICT and DSS tools in ARD

The result of this output is an online catalogue of ICT and DSS tools that will be openly accessible and available on the project website and on the websites of the partner institutions. It therefore represents a further development of the first output. In this output, an assessment of the ICT and DSS tools shown above will be made. All best practice examples deemed relevant by the evaluation will be analyzed and evaluated in more detail. This is not just about having a list of existing tools, but rather a specific description including empirical values from selected examples.


► Technical issues on FARM Dashboard and its usage
► On-line catalogue on existing ICT-DSS tools

3 - Two prototype DSS tools

This output is an innovative approach in the ARD field. DSS tools enable the agriculture and agri-food sector to assess, monitor, and reduce negative impacts of agricultural methods and techniques for the environment. From a producer’s perspective, tools must accomplish these objectives in a cost-effective manner. Two new prototypes will be designed within FARM project both of them accompanied with practical instructions. The aim is to provide the complete design of tools that will help in achieving better efficiency, development as well as improving the quality of decision making in ARD.


► Kick-off Presentation
► DSS Tools Specifications
► DSS Tools Design
► DSS Prototype Testing Scenario
► DSS Tools Validation
► DSS Tools Requirement Collection


► Prototype Video
► Prototype Link

► Prototype Video
► Prototype Link

4 - Educative training material for DSS in ARD

The objective of this output is to systematize the ICT and DSS tools in all training spheres (formal, non-formal), by encompassing the competences, knowledge and skills for stakeholders in ARD. The outcome of this output is making a framework in this field which will be accompanied with training material including recommendations for the various groups of stakeholders.


► Creating educative training material for DSS in ARD
► Video-Introduction to the FARM project